Wings Of Prey Dynamic New Debut Trailer

By William Usher 6 years ago discussion comments
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Gaijin Entertainment released the official debut trailer for their latest flight simulator, Wings of Prey. I'm not really sure why it's called a debut trailer when itís more like a launch trailer, but who really cares what the difference is when the game looks as good as Wings of Prey?

The game sports a very, very impressive list of features, including more than 50 campaign missions that span Eastern and Western Europe, 40 different planes accurately designed and modeled after the real life warplanes, and a robust multiplayer feature that comes equipped with four different modes. Thatís not to mention that the game looks darn good.

You can check out the new debut trailer Ė even though itís technically a launch trailer Ė for Wings of Prey below. The game is currently available for $49.99. To learn more about this realistic flight sim be sure to visit the

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