Xbox 360 USB Storage Coming In Spring 2010

By Pete Haas 6 years ago discussion comments
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Microsoft's giving gamers a reason to look forward to the Xbox 360's Spring update. It's said to add support for USB storage devices.

Joystiq obtained documentation that says players will be able to store data on USB devices 1GB or larger. It would allow you to store DLC, Xbox Live Arcade games, and even entire disc-based games on an external hard drive. You can only store up to 16 GB of Xbox 360 data on any given device, though. The console has a "fixed limit of two external USB mass storage devices," giving you a maximum of 32 GB of external hard drive space.

This is a welcome change, considering how stupidly overpriced the official Xbox 360 hard drives are. It makes sense for Microsoft, too, considering the emphasis they place on Xbox 360's digital content.
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