Zen Bolsters Pinball Roster With Super League Football

By Ryan Winslett 2 years ago discussion comments
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Goooooooal! Zen Studios has finally announced details concerning the latest table for Zen Pinball 2 on the PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita and Pinball FX2 for the Xbox 360 and various mobile devices, a footy-themed romp called Super League Football, due out later this year.

This is especially surprising news, as itís been quite a while since Zen has made a table not bearing the Marvel or Star Wars license. And donít get me wrong, Iíve thoroughly enjoyed all of those tables released in the past year or so, but some I always seem to get a bigger kick (pun intended) out of the studioís more unique tables bearing no real license.

Maybe that last bit isnít entirely accurate, as Super League Football will sport (Yep, pun intended again) several official soccer teams but, otherwise, the table is 100 percent original, from top to bottom.

If youíre looking for some soccer goodness in front of the TV or on the go, then Zenís latest table has you covered. Itíll be available all by its lonesome on iTunes and Google Play, as well as part of the collective games known as Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade, available on various home consoles, the Vita, Windows, 8, Steam, etc. etc. etc. And, just like all of Zenís tables, Super League Football is a unique blend of tried and true pinball magic mixed with animated components and tricky contraptions that simply could never be pulled off in the real world.

Each time you fire the table up, youíll have your pick of a collection of soccer clubs, including Liverpool (Youíll never walk alone!), Arsenal, FC Barcelona, A.C. Milan, A.S. Roma, Real Madrid C.F., the Juventus Football Club and a fictional team starring some Zen netters. The tableís kit (uniform) will change depending on which team you pick as will the player portraits spread across the virtual pitch and the chants being sung by the crowd.

So the big question is: Why does it matter which club you pick? Well, thatís where a newfangled bit of video game brilliance comes in. The scores you rack up for your team of choice will be added to a global leaderboard, pitting all of these world-class squads against one another to see which club (and, by extension, which clubís players) reign supreme.

In a press release announcing the impending release of the Super League Football table, Zen VP of publishing Mel Kirk said that his team has wanted to build a table featuring a modern take on football/soccer for quite some time, which is what they hope this latest offering will deliver.
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