EverQuest II Goes Free-To-Play

By Pete Haas 6 years ago discussion comments
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Another premium MMORPG is testing the free-to-play waters. Soon Sony Online Entertainment will be launching a service called "EverQuest II Extended" (EQ2X) that allows you to enjoy EQ2 without paying for a subscription.

"What does 'free-to-play' mean? It means that you can download the game and play all of it (except the most recent expansion) all the way up to level 80," said senior produce Dave Georgeson on the game's forums. "Your character is restricted in a bunch of different ways (limited class selection, limited races, limited coin, etc.) and to unlock those features fully, you’ll need to subscribe to Gold level membership. Which, coincidentally, is $15/month. Sound familiar?"

EQ2X also features a "more robust" marketplace than the regular EQ2. You can spend real money there to unlock additional classes and races or buy items for your character. Georgeson is careful to point out, though, that the best items can still only be acquired through questing and tradeskills.

For all of your questions about the service, check out the official FAQ.
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