Fist Puncher Brings Low-Brow Gaming Back To Game Culture

By William Usher 2013-06-20 15:07:38 discussion comments
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Tired of games pretending to be cool because they have a smart name or offer some double entendre so you go “Ohhh, I didn't even think about that” or tries to be all sophisticated and cater to people that actually exercise their brain flesh? With Team2Bit and Adult Swim's Fist Puncher, you don't have to worry about using any kind of brain meat to enjoy the game, because it's all about punching with fists and fist punching. Yeah!

Sometimes gamers just want to punch things and other times they just want to fist things, or... well, maybe not that second thing but definitely the first one. Anyway, Fist Puncher lets you fists people in the face with punches and that's all anyone could obviously ask for. If you're tired of high-concept games then Fist Puncher is the Wrestlemania of low-concept gaming.

This game doesn't even try and it doesn't even care to try; it just goes all out and then some. Lobbing cows at bad guys? Playing into Tropes Vs Women Part 1 just to piss people off? Having the lead character practice karate while being a neurosurgeon on the side? A black guy called Steroid Jackson? Yeah, they just threw “care” out the window while it all blew up behind them, and they never stopped to look back.

The game brings back the classic four-player cooperative beat 'em up action that invaded arcades during the late 80s and part of the early 90s. It features all the over-the-top violence from amazing games like Combat Tribes, Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, Crime Fighters and Vendetta, as well as over-the-top characters and bosses that you just don't find in games anymore just short of Castle Crashers and Phantom Breaker.

I'm glad the developers had the intestinal fortitude to just let it all hang out and throw the game out there like it was 1989 and I'm almost inclined to think that given today's politically correct society and knee-jerk reactionary media, they just might pull off a sleeper-hit success with their themes that are now considered “controversial”. In some ways, I think it's funny because a game like Double Dragon 2 would now get completely destroyed by most critics and it would have nothing to do with whether the game was fun or not.

Still, whether you're for or against the no-holds-barred commentary on all things over-the-top, you can check out Team2Bit's cooperative fighter over on their official website or grab a copy from the Steam Store for only $8.99.
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