Horizon Enters Beta On Steam's Early Access

By William Usher 2013-09-23 20:12:02 discussion comments
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After joining Steam in early July as part of the Early Access program, enabling users to put down some money for the game before they even had much of an idea of what it was about or the content was finished, L3O Interactive has announced that they have moved on to the next phase of development and opened up beta access on Steam.

You're probably asking “Why the heck wasn't this on Steam Greenlight and how did it get to Steam's Early Access program?” well those are good questions and the first is quite simple: Iceberg Interactive is publishing the game so it didn't have to go through the sometimes nice, sometimes clean and sometimes dreadful Greenlight process. As for the second one – Iceberg is obviously using the early funds to help finish up development (or at least I would love to hope so) and putting an unfinished game out on Steam's Early Access enables for gauging player interest and building an early community.

I know some people aren't entirely fond of the Early Access program for Steam – putting up barely-finished games for gamers to play-test and help developers fix the game through the process leading up to the official release. However, I must say that the Early Access is intriguing and almost pitch perfect for die-hard fanboys for any single property or brand.

I've been tempted many times to throw down cash on an Early Access game and help out with finding bugs and play-testing the game, but I just don't have time for that kind of stuff right now. Still, I think it opens up a great way for the really engrossed gamer and fan to get ever-so-close to the development and design process without having to understand a lick of code.

As for Horizon, the game is a 4x strategy title where you control your ship, run the diplomatic race with and against other alien species, and attempt to control, dominate, befriend and explore a galaxy of wonders that lay before you.

I've never been big on 4x games so I honestly can't say whether or not this game is doing it right; those who have already played it might be able to tell what the game is like, and those who are considering playing might want to wait and read the responses from those who have already put money into the project before investing in the game.

If you have no clue what a 4x strategy game is or have no idea what Horizon is about other than that it's a space sim like EVE Online, there is a new beta trailer that has recently gone live giving gamers a nice rundown of what to expect from the game. You can check out the new trailer below.

For everyone else who like to either learn more about the game or to buy into the Early Access, feel free to pay a visit to the official Steam page for Horizon.

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