Origin Adds Dual GTX 780s To EON17-SLX Laptops

By William Usher 2013-10-28 13:36:41 discussion comments

If you were considering getting a high-end gaming laptop for your needs while you game on the go, Origin PC (not to be confused with the digital distribution portal by Electronic Arts) has a new laptop primed and ready for all your high-end gaming needs and it'll only cost you your soul.

The new EON17-SLX gaming laptop is powered by dual GTX 780s from Nvidia. Yes, many of you might recognize that brand of card as the one ensuring that Microsoft's Xbox One games ran in pristine condition at E3, filling up the 1080p screens in all their 60fps glory.

The new EON17-SLX will use the mobile version of the GPU line that powered the machines that helped Titanfall win E3 as well as put on a serious display of awesome at the Eurogamer expo.

Brian Choi, product manager for notebook GPUs at Nvidia, commented about the new gaming notebook, saying...
“A custom built gaming laptop that features two of our most powerful notebook GPUs? Yes please!” “Combine that with Origin PC’s Lifetime 24/7 US based support and their exceptional build quality and it’s a slam dunk.”

Whether or not that's just marketing hyperbole remains to be seen, but something from PR 101 tells me it's just some marketing hyperbole.

In addition to the dual GeForce 780M running SLI on the EON laptop, the 4th generation Intel “Haswell” CPU will be its brain center and it will be powered by Intel's Thunderbolt systems for up to 10gbps transfer speeds.

Now comes the time to talk about the one thing that will make or break your interest in this product: the price.

Plain and simple, the EON17-SLX will require your soul, your first born and enough monthly payments to make your mortgage jealous. So how bad is it? It's $1,999. Yes, let me repeat that price so it sinks in nice and slow... $1,999.

If you have the dollar, dollar bills, Origin is waiting with their coffers open.

You can learn more about the new gaming laptop by paying a visit to the official Origin PC website. I tend to doubt this will be a viable replacement to the average console gamer's needs given that this thing costs more than the Xbox One and PS4 combined, with subscriptions to both PSN Plus and Xbox Live Gold, with five games for each system. Still, it may not be a bad investment if you're an on-the-go gamer who is truly dedicated to the Glorious PC Master Race.
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