PlayStation 4 Game Of The Year: The Waiting Game

By Ryan Winslett 2 years ago discussion comments
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Thereís no need to buy a PlayStation 4 right now. There, I said it. Now give me a few minutes and Iíll explain myself.

Keep in mind that the above statement is coming from a PlayStation faithful who has been gaming with Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Solid Snake, Sackboy and Co. for more than 15 years. I have love in my heart for all gaming platforms (Even the abysmal Jaguar), but every parent has a child they love just a little bit more whether they like to admit it or not and, honestly, Sony consoles have always managed to edge out the competition in my book.

Now that Iíve got the obligatory and ridiculous credentials out of the way, Iíll lay down my reasoning for telling a handful of friends and family (and now you, dear reader) why they should keep their money in their wallet for the time being.

Keep in mind that Iím not currently speaking to those gamers with plenty of dough to spend who simply want to be in on the ground floor for a new console generation. If youíve got the disposable income, love new tech or just want to support the PS4 in its early stages then, by all means, grab one of those machines as soon as you see it on the shelf. I want to see all three of the major home consoles do well, so Iím not just saying ďnobody should buy a PS4.Ē

But over the past several weeks, Iíve had a number of friends, family members, co-workers, twitter pals and the like say something along the lines of, ďso, Iím thinking I might want to get a PlayStation 4 soon. What do you think?Ē These are average Joes and Jills, all working normal 9-5 jobs that have nothing to do with the games industry. None are diehard game fans, either. Theyíre just regular folks who play a bit, are hearing a lot of buzz about Sonyís new console and have started kicking around the idea of taking the plunge.

And thatís exactly the type of person Iím talking to right now. Folks who enjoy gaming, have had a blast using their PS3 and Xbox 360 media services and, with all of the hype surrounding the recent launch of a new console, are starting to feel like maybe they are missing out and would do well to run out and get a new console as soon as humanly possible.

To those people, I simply say that there is no need to buy a PlayStation 4 right now. Itís a nice device, it has amazing potential and a handful of games that Iíve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of over the past month, but I canít recommend anyone not in dire need of a console fix plop down 400 bucks for the thing right now.
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