Sega Doesn’t Want To Upset Jack Thompson With Madworld Trailer

By William Usher 7 years ago discussion comments
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A new trailer for Madworld for the Nintendo Wii. Based on the visual art-style for the game and the graphic content, it’s easy to forget that it’s even for the casual-crusader known as the Wii. The real news, though, is that Sega has ensured that the North American trailer is aptly censored, so as to avoid any more conflict with Jack Thompson. As you all know, even a 30% off sale for video games on Steam can incite the Jackster into action.

The new Madworld trailer is still not for kids even though it has been stylishly censored. The whole sports center thing is pretty cool and it’s actually funny this time around. They explain another element to the gameplay that consists of multi-death kills. Yes, it’s possible to mutilate, decapitate and decimate one person in a multitude of ways.

You can check out the new trailer below…and as if I really need to say so, the trailer is not for anyone under the age of 17. For more gaming updates, news and info, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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