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Bandai Namco Has A VR Installation To Help People Battle Their Worst Fears
Anyone interested in VR for more than just the headsets might really like this news. Bandai Namco is opening up a research facility that doubles as a VR installation to help people overcome their fears. Using the HTC Vive and various 3D spatial props, the VR tests will push the limits on how people approach and react to fear.
Afro Samurai Demo Now Available On Xbox Live/PSN
New demo for Afro Samurai has just hit the digital air waves. Published by Surge and distributed by Namco Bandai, Afro Samurai is a classic tale of revenge with a hip-hop twist. The game is currently available, but if you’re skeptical of purchasing it you can always give the demo a try.
Noby  Noby Boy Is Officially Ready To Rule Your Life
Yes, it has been verified. The news is completely confirmed. All doubts and waits are abolished. Noby Noby Boy is here, officially. Your life will now be owned by BOY and GIRL. Retreat to your PlayStation 3 and start expanding beyond the limits of the universe with Noby Noby Boy.
Invincible Tiger: The Legend Of Han Tao Coming To XBL And PSN
Namco Bandai recently announced that a new title for Xbox Live is on its way and it’s a hand-to-hand, foot-to-face brawler. UK based studio, Blitz Games is currently hard at work on this multiplatform title that will grace the likes of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.
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