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Ragnarok Tactics Available Now On PSP And Vita
The universe of the Ragnarok Online MMO continues to expand with the latest offering from Aksys, a strategy RPG by the name of Ragnarok Tactics.
Battle Fantasia Trophy Contest For PS3
Aksys is holding a trophy-naming contest that will see gamers coming up with snazzy names for some newly added Trophy events.
BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Launch Trailer Released
Arc Systems and Aksys Games have released the launch trailer for the newly available 2D, high-definition fighting game, BlazBlue.
BlazBlue Fact Sheet And Screenshots
We’ve covered a few Aksys games here at Blend Games…some of them were good and others, well…I’ll just leave it at that. Anyway, their latest title, BlazBlue, is scheduled to pummel its way across the pond from the Eastern territories and into store shelves for North American gamers.
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