Augmented Reality Games

The Cracker Jack Toy Prize Is Going Digital, Get The Details
The Cracker Jack snacks have been known for including some kind of small trinket or toy inside. For a lot of kids the toy inside was one of the only reasons to beg parents for a box of Cracker Jacks. Well, the toy inside has been replaced with a digital reward.
Magic Leap's Augmented Reality FPS Demo Is Unbelievable
Yesterday, Magic Leap unveiled a reality-bending demo that mixes holographic robots with classically styled ray guns. And if the video's description is believable, this is a working prototype.
Augmented Reality's Ogmento Receives Funding For New Games
Ogmento, an Augmented Reality tech company, announced that they've received $3.5 million in funding for the expansion of their game studios in both New York and Los Angeles.
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