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FIFA 14 Announced For Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Today EA Sports announced FIFA 14 as promised. FIFA 14, billed as the "complete matchday experience," will hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this fall.
NHL 13 Launch Trailer Is Full Of Praise
EA Canada's hockey sim NHL 13 is now in stores throughout North America. To commemorate the occasion, EA sent out a trailer that toots the game's horn.
FIFA 13 Wii U Screenshots, Features List Released
The Wii U version of FIFA 13 is no mere port. The development team at EA Canada has devised several ways to utilize the console's GamePad in order to deliver a unique experience to soccer fans.
EA Sports UFC Being Developed By Fight Night Champion Studio
If you really took a liking to EA Canada’s Fight Night Champion, the amazingly dynamic and commercially successful boxing that came out last year, then you’ll be pleased to know that EA Canada will also be in charge of bringing EA’s first UFC title to life…or, bringing it to the cage. Either one works.
NHL 13 Last Man Standing Trailer Stars The Goalie
When you're playing a hockey video game, scoring goals is generally the most satisfying part. However, with NHL 13, EA wants to make sure that it's just as satisfying and interesting to play as the goalie.
SSX Trailer Shows Retro Zoe In Action
Electronic Arts has already shown a general outlook of Mt. Eddie in the forthcoming DLC pack for SSX. One of the add-on's classic characters, Zoe, has now been showcased in a new trailer.
SSX Demo Incoming
This week you'll be able to try out EA Canada's upcoming reboot of SSX. The demo of the over-the-top snowboarding game will debut on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN on February 21st. PS3 gamers in the UK will receive it the following day.
SSX Delayed A Few Weeks
SSX, the next-gen reboot of EA's snowboarding series, will be arriving later than expected. The team at EA Canada has decided that they need a couple more weeks in order to apply "the final bit of polish we think it deserves."
Fight Night Champion Unleashes Face Shattering Screenshots
To appease the graphic whores out there, EA Canada released a batch of brand new screenshots for the upcoming fighter and they're as brutal as they are beautiful.
Fight Night Champion: Authentic Boxer Damage Trailer
The authentic damage trailer shows off some of the body damage, the facial damage and a lot of the impact damage in slow motion, with jiggly flesh and all.
Rumor: New SSX Game On The Way
Fans of the snowboarding series SSX have been without nourishment since 2007. However, there's talk that EA will revive the franchise soon.
NBA Elite 11 Cancelled
EA has decided to cancel NBA Elite 11 altogether. The decision comes a month after the game's last-minute delay.
NBA Jam Eastern Conference Roster Revealed
EA saw fit to reveal half of players for their upcoming NBA Jam remake today. The rosters for the Eastern Conference team include a mixture of current players, legends, and mascots.
NBA Elite 11 Comes With Free NBA Jam
As was the case with other recent EA releases, new copies of NBA Elite 11 will come with exclusive content. Each copy will contain a one-time download code to grab NBA Jam for the PS3 and Xbox 360.
Fight Night Champion Due In 2011
Development for the next installment for the Fight Night boxing franchise is underway at EA Canada. EA claims that Fight Night Champion will be the "most dynamic simulation fighting experience to date."
NCAA Football 11 Patch Coming Tomorrow
Tomorrow NCAA Football will arrive in stores. It's got a few rough edges to it but fortunately it will be joined by a day one patch.
FIFA Soccer 11 Release Date Announced
With the final match of the World Cup just days away, this seems look a good time for someone to announce news about a soccer video game. Sure enough, that's what EA's doing today.
NBA Elite 11 Cover Athlete Is Kevin Durant
Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant will be serving as cover athlete for NBA Elite 11. The game's final box art was released today as well.
NBA Elite 11 Announced For October Release
Today EA formally announced the renaming of their NBA Live series. NBA Elite 11 will be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 this October.
NHL Slapshot Announced For Wii
Today EA Sports revealed that they're developing an NHL game exclusively for the Wii. NHL Slapshot will be released in September.

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