Fable Anniversary Games

Fable Trilogy Bundle Coming To Xbox 360
Xbox 360 owners will soon be able to purchase the first three Fable games all at once. Xbox Marketplace is listing a discounted Fable Trilogy bundle that will be out next month.
Fable Anniversary Goes Gold, Pre-Order Bonuses Include Weapons And Outfits
Lionhead has finished development of Fable Anniversary, the HD remake of the Xbox RPG, The game's been sent to manufacturers so that game discs can hit stores inearly February.
Fable Anniversary Delayed To 2014
Lionhead Studios won't be releasing the HD remake of Fable this year after all. Today the developer announced that they've pushed Fable Anniversary's launch into early 2014.
Fable Anniversary Announced For Xbox 360
Lionhead Studios announced a remake for their Xbox RPG Fable today. Fable Anniversary will be coming to the Xbox 360 this holiday season.
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