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Dragonica Rises From The Ashes Anew With Phoenix Update

Gala Networks Europe has announced that its free-to-play manga-inspired action MMORPG, Dragonica, is about to see a boatload of improvements thanks to the upcoming “Phoenix” patch, due July 24. According to Gala, the patch was dubbed “Phoenix” because Dragonica is about to be reborn, playing and looking better than ever.

Allods Online Vol. 4: Astral Odyssey And Official Game Launch Arriving May 11th

Gpotato announced that Allods Online will officially exit open beta and will launch as a complete game beginning on May 11th when the fourth expansion becomes available called, The Astral Odyssey. The officially-official launch of the game brings with it two whole new contested zones and a level-cap increase.

Allods Online: Fury Of War Episode Coming With Contested Astral Zones

The wait is almost over and the update many Allods fans have been waiting for is almost here. That's right, guilds with fleets of astral ships can finally battle to control astral sectors and all the spoils that come with it

Allods Online: Volume 2 - The Rise Of Gorluxor Launch Trailer

The second full expansion for gPotato's Allods Online, The Rise of Gorluxor, is about to go live and a new launch trailer has appeared to commemorate the milestone.

Allods Online: Volume 2 Rise Of Gorluxor Releases Tomorrow

Gala Networks announced that their highly popular and free-to-play MMORPG, Allods Online, will be receiving its second Volume expansion and a heck of a lot of updates and changes have been made.

Allods Online Chest Contest Has PS3, Alienware, HDTV Up For Grabs

Online gaming portal, gPotato, has announced that more than $50,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs in a brand new contest that sees gamers trying to find in-game chests.

Allods Online: Revelations Of Gipat Expansion Readies For Launch

Astrum Nival and the gPotato Team is taking the Allods Online servers offline for the entire day to prepare for the first major expansion pack for the game, Volume 1: The Revelations of Gipat.

Allods Online: Revelations Of Gipat Officially Releasing July 7th

Astrum Nival has heard the pleas of gamers and have decided to get rid of FoD in the upcoming patch. Speaking of the patch, 1.1 is expected to go live July 7th.

Allods Online: Revelations Of Gipat First Screenshots Released

Gala Network's gPotato released some new screenshots of Astrum Nival's Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat expansion for Allods Online.

Allods Online Open Beta Is Now Live And Free-To-Play

Gala Network's gPotato has acknowledged that Astrum Nival's highly awaited astral-exploration MMO, Allods Online, has now entered open beta and is free-to-play.

Allods Online Final Closed-Beta Screenshots

Astrum Nival has been hard at work on this top-notch MMORPG and the game is nearing completion and the open-beta milestone. To celebrate the final closed-beta test, gPotato has released a handful of screenshots of the game.

100 Beta Keys Up For Grabs For Allods Online CBT No.4

GamerSyndrome is working with Gala Networks to give away 100 free beta closed for the fourth closed beta test of Allods of Online.

Allods Online Eight New Screenshots For CBT No. 3

Gala Networks upcoming, and highly anticipated, MMORPG is about to head into its third and final closed-beta test. To help get gamers registering for the closed beta, gPotato has released some new screenshots to encourage the wary.

Allods Online Closed-Beta Begins On November 19th

Gala Network and Astrum Nival sent out word that the big-budget, highly anticipated astral-ship MMORPG, Allods Online, will enter closed-beta this week.

Castle Of Heroes: Free-To-Play Browser RPG Enters Closed Beta

Gala Network's Castle of Heroes is making progress on the developmental end and it has been announced that the game is now ready to enter the closed beta phase.

Allods Online: Soccer Mode And New Screenshots Revealed

New screenshots and info on a brand new game mode were released today by gPotato and you can check them out right here.

Allods Online Ship Artwork And Screenshots

Gala Networks’ ambitious new online title that supercedes the limitations of ground-based adventuring was on the receiving end of some new assets.

Year Supply Of gPotato Points To Be Given Away

It was announced today by Gala Networks that the five-millionth registered user will receive an insurmountable amount of swag.

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