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GTA 5 Cheat Codes: Get The Full List
Gamers are still in love with Rockstar Games' GTA V. The game is constantly on the top 10 charts each and every month for one platform or another. Of course, not everyone wants to play through the game in an "honest" manner and some people are looking for some cheat codes to help them along the way.
Modders Are Building Liberty City In Grand Theft Auto 5
These days, all of your wildest gaming fantasies are just a mod away. For instance, if you really wanted to explore Liberty City within Grand Theft Auto V, there's a group of people who are working on exactly that.
GTA 5 Holiday Event Brings Snow, And More, To San Andreas
Rockstar dropped a new update over the weekend for GTA V in celebration of the Christmas holiday, giving residents of Los Santos plenty to experience in the snowy southern regions of the city.
GTA Online Is Adding Light Cycles, Check It Out
Having motorcycles and motorcycle gangs in Grand Theft Auto V is cool and all, but you know what's really cool? Light cycles. Light cycles are really cool. And with the game's latest update, players can finally live out their Tron fantasies on the hard streets of GTAV.
Here's When You Can Join A Biker Gang In GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto V is still going strong, with the highly-anticipated Biker DLC set to arrive next week. Get ready for some two-wheeled action on the crazy streets of Los Santos.
Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit Is Over, Here's What Happened
For the past two years Lindsay Lohan has been going at it with Take-Two Interactive, one of the big legal juggernauts in the realm of interactive entertainment. Things did not go well for the troubled actress and the judge over the case.
July's Top Game Sales Show How Lame The Summer Has Been
The NPD has released its sales figures for the month of July, highlighting the fact that it hasn't been a very interesting summer for gamers on either home or portable consoles. Thankfully, the sleeping beast known as the "holiday launch window" has nearly awakened.
Watch The Battlefield 1 Trailer Recreated In Grand Theft Auto 5
Replacing a flamethrower with a minigun, the Zeppelin with a blimp, and an air carrier with a yacht, machinima maker J57F managed to make due with some quirky objects and items to recreate the Battlefield 1 trailer in GTA V.
Someone Remade The Suicide Squad Trailer In Fallout 4, Check It Out
Remaking popular movie and television trailers within video games has become a popular pastime for some people, especially in machinima-friendly games like Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout. Well, the latest Suicide Squad trailer was fodder for the creative mind of one YouTuber who managed to recreate it within Fallout 4.
Why A Former GTA V Executive Is Suing Rockstar Parent Company Take-Two
It seems like Take-Two Interactive is in the news these days more times than not for something legal related. In this case, a former top employee of the Scotland-based Rockstar North named Leslie Benzies is suing Take-Two for $150 million in what he claims to be unpaid royalties.
Grand Theft Auto V Online Is Adding A New Mode And Vehicle Very Soon
Rockstar Games has announced a couple of new updates will give players more reasons than ever to return to Grand Theft Auto V soon, including a brand new game mode, a highly anticipated new vehicle, as well as in-game sales on various guns and gear.
The Grand Theft Auto V Lawsuit With Lindsay Lohan Is Happening, Get The Details
Lindsay Lohan is moving forward with her lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive over the depiction of the character Lacey Jonas in GTA V, whom she believes is a direct ripoff of her likeness. While most people thought the judge would throw out the case, the judge instead decided to move forward with it.
Grand Theft Auto 5's New Adversary Mode Is Ridiculous
Rockstar Games has a brand new Adversary Mode for the online portion of GTA V. The new mode is called Rhino Hunt, and it pits a group of tanks against some fast-moving dune buggies armed with sticky bombs. The objective for the dune buggies is to get close enough to stick the bomb to the tank.
Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Turns It Into The Last Of Us Experience
While The Last Of Us will always be an inspiring video game experience on its own, that’s not to say it won’t keep people from jazzing up other games with the game’s apocalyptic zombie theme. One user loved The Last Of Us so much, he wanted the experience in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, complete with a very familiar map and a Joel character skin.
GTA Online's Drop Zone Mode Is Getting A Competitive Update
You know what’s rad? Jumping out of airplanes in Grand Theft Auto V. You know what would make it even more rad? Doing exactly that with a bunch of online pals, but in a competitive setting. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we’re getting thanks to a new mode being introduced into the game.
The GTA V Map Is Getting Totally Remade In Minecraft
A group of gamers have decided to recreate the world of Grand Theft Auto V, block for block, within the world of Minecraft, and the results are pretty impressive.
These Elders' Reactions To Playing Grand Theft Auto V Are Absolutely Hilarious
Grand Theft Auto V has been widely known for its grotesque translation of city life involving gangs, strippers, drugs and car theft. But gamers have come to know the franchise as one of the most entertaining free-for-alls in the third-person action-adventure genre. When a group of elders were given the opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto V, they rolled with the punches, but were left with some very perplexed and stunned reactions.
GTA Online Executives And Other Criminals Update Announced
Rockstar Games' latest update set to arrive on December 15th is the sort of update that actually puts a lot of mods to shame and shows that they still have what it takes to knock a home run out of the park. The latest expansion is called Executives and Other Criminals and features a huge overhaul to the way GTA Online is played.
GTA 5 Mod Turns The Game Into Mario Kart
Mods for GTA V are finally getting to the point where we're seeing the creative boundaries get pushed to the limits and some really cool stuff is starting to emerge now that mesh imports, model swaps, custom textures and original geometry can be modded into the game. All of that is to say that Mario Kart maps are being implemented into GTA V.
GTA 5 Graphics Mod Makes The Game Look Like Real Life
GTA V's modding scene has been a slow and evolving ecosystem. It's not like the modding scene for GTA IV where modders took some time to understand the new system and hit the ground running. Nevertheless, modders have finally stepped up their game and have begun making total graphics conversions for Rockstar's open-world action title.

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