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Why You Should Hurry Up And Play Halo This Weekend
343 Industries is giving away a special gift for those who play Halo 5: Guardians this weekend. In fact, the gift is only going to be available as part of the "Thanks Given" celebration they held in lieu of Thanksgiving. So what is the gift? Something special.
It's Your Last Chance To Get The Halo 15th Anniversary REQ Pack
Celebrating its 15th birthday, the Halo series has come a long way since it first launched on the Xbox back in 2001. As part of this momentous occasion, the team at 343Industries have made a collection of items available for all comers in Halo 5, and today is the last day to grab yours.
Halo 5 Update Just Released Just Got Very Festive For Halloween
343 Industries has yet to let an opportunity slip by them when it comes to squeezing in new content for Halo 5. The latest update for the game features some festive new community levels for the zombie-mode, all arriving just in time for Halloween.
More DLC Is Coming To Halo 5, Here's What We Know
343 Industries and Microsoft have plans to continue to expand Halo 5 above and beyond where they've currently nestled with the Xbox One's first-person shooter. In fact, they've announced that they're not done with the shooter and fans can expect more to come out of 343 Industries for Halo 5.
Here's What You Need For The New Halo DLC
Microsoft alongside 343 Industries is prepping to take Halo 5: Guardians to the next level by introducing Halo 5: Forge to PC gamers. Of course, before that update arrives you'll likely need to find out if your Windows 10-powered PC can handle the Forge.
Here's When You Can Make Halo 5 Maps On Windows 10
Microsoft has announced that, soon, PC gamers who have Windows 10 compatible PCs will be able to forge ahead with a new way to interact with Halo 5.
Another Update To Halo 5 Is On The Way
With Gamescom just around the corner, the team at 343 Industries is unloading all kinds of details pertaining to the Halo universe. It looks like there's another update inbound for Halo 5, in fact, including tweaks that will make the PC crowd especially happy.
Halo 5 Is Making A Big Change To Its Expansions, Get The Details
There will be no more massive free expansions for Halo 5: Guardians released on a monthly basis. The Xbox One exclusive will continue to receive updates and DLC, but after the latest free expansion, things will be changing for 343 Industries first-person shooter.
All Of The Changes Coming To Halo 5's Free Expansion
343 Industries has a huge blog post about all of the small tweaks, medium alterations and large scale changes that they've made to Halo 5 and the new Warzone Firefight mode that marks the final installment in free DLC for the game.
Halo 5's June Expansion Details Have Been Revealed
Microsoft and 343 Industries are both gearing up for the biggest and final free update for Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One. The sci-fi shooter will receive a fairly hefty smattering of content for the Warzone mode, including some new PvE Firefights to give the multiplayer co-op some extra flair.
How Halo 5's Upcoming Infected Maps Were Really Created
Set to appear in an update going live later in May for Halo 5: Guardians, the Infection maps will feature some brand new ways for players to get their competitive game on in 343 Industries' first-person shooter. Two members from 343 talked about how the Infected maps came about for Halo 5 and what gamers can expect.
Halo 5 Warzone Firefight Beta Is Coming, Get The Details
The team at 343 Industries is finally gearing up to unleash the Warzone Firefight multiplayer mode across Halo 5: Guardians, but not before testing the waters in an upcoming beta.
Halo 5's Free DLC Details Revealed
Microsoft and 343 Industries have been working assiduously post-launch of Halo 5 to win over as much favor as possible from the gaming community to give the latest first-person shooter a try, or at least return to the series that helped put the Xbox brand on the map. They're doing so with a continuous flow of free DLC, and the latest bit of that DLC arrives this April.
Halo 5 Mod Will Let You Play Quidditch
You can now play Quidditch in Halo 5, which earns the award for being the sentence I was least expecting to write today, much less any other day. Wizards, rejoice!
Halo 5 Update Will Pay Tribute To Tragedy
343 Industries is paying tribute to a couple who lost their two daughters in an electrical fire. The Halo community took time to offer $30,000 in donations through GoFundMe to help the couple deal with the loss, and 343 Industries will offer an in-game emblem in Halo 5.
Halo 5's Map-Making Tools Are Being Put To Good Use With Super Mario Map
The map-building tools in Halo 5 allow for some pretty spiffy new battle arenas to be created, including the recent addition of Princess Peach’s castle from the world of Super Mario Bros..
Halo 5 Is Adding Hardcore Control Options
Halo 5 is about to make fine-tuning your aim a lot easier in an upcoming update, with advanced controller settings giving players the chance to adjust their look acceleration, inner and outer dead zones.
This Halo 5 Kill Is Ridiculous
Video footage of multiplayer kills in competitive games come a dime a dozen. There's nothing special about killing someone in an online match of Halo. What is special is how that person gets killed, and in this most recent video we get to see one of the most ridiculous, match-ending kills in gaming history.
Halo 5 Battle Of Shadow And Light Update Adds New Gear And Modes For Free
The Halo 5: Guardians update called Battle of Shadow and Light adds a ton of new features for the multiplayer, including 48 new REQ packs, brand new Shinobi-themed Spartan armor and the Big Team Battle playlist.
Halo 5 Will Add Big Team Battle This Month
The Arena mode is designed to focus on Halo 5's eSports side. The mode is an intimate, fast-paced battle mode that favors skill and team work. Well, 343 Industries wants to put a spotlight on the vehicular aspects of the Arena mode as well as Big Team Battles.
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