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Heroes of The Storm Has Revealed Their Next Hero
Blizzard Entertainment has been on a roll lately when it comes to pumping out new content for their games. They haven't let the Christmas holiday season force them out of working on new content. As a matter of fact, Heroes of the Storm just had a new hero revealed.
Two Characters From World Of Warcraft Are Coming To Heroes Of The Storm
Blizzard Entertainment is currently holding BlizzCon in Anaheim, California. The company is unveiling lots of new content for their games, including two characters from World of Warcraft joining their ever-so-popular MOBA, _Heroes of the Storm. _
Heroes Of The Storm Announces A New Game Mode, Again
Blizzard has announced a brand new game mode for Heroes of the Storm that's actually a remake of a mode that they released a while back but this time they're adding a whole bunch of new modifiers and mutators to make the game more exciting.
Blizzard Is Replacing Battle.Net, Here's Why
The folks at Blizzard are making a pretty bold move, doing away with the Battle.net moniker and shifting everything to, appropriately enough, simply "Blizzard."
Blizzard Is Allowing Gamers To Change Their Battletag, But There's A Catch
Following in the footsteps of some other major game companies out there that allow you to change your universal gamer ID, Blizzard has implemented a new option to their cash shop that allows you to change your Battletag ID... but there's a catch.
Two New Characters Are Coming To Heroes Of The Storm, And You Won't Be Disappointed
While Blizzard tends to Overwatch and has recently released the more competitive play options, they're also still pumping out new content for Heroes of the Storm, including adding two new characters from World Of Warcraft and Diablo.
Heroes Of The Storm Event Will Let Players Use Any Character For Free For A Limited Time, Get The Details
In celebration of the e-sports team Tempest walking away victorious during the Summer Global Championship Blizzard has made it where for a couple of days all of the heroes in Heroes of the Storm are free.
How Heroes Of The Storm Is Celebrating Their 1-Year Anniversary
Blizzard is celebrating the one year anniversary of Heroes of the Storm, their free-to-play MOBA title that launched last year to compete with Riot Games' League of Legends and Valve's Dota 2.
Two New Heroes Of The Storm Characters Confirmed
It's a busy weekend for Heroes of the Storm news, as Blizzard has announced that two new playable characters are coming to the super-popular MOBA. Get ready to take control of Chromie and Medivh. Oh, and if that's not enough, they're also retooling the ranked system.
All Heroes Of The Storm Characters Are Free For This Weekend
The Heroes of the Dorm finals are happening this weekend and, to celebrate, Blizzard is opening up all playable characters in Heroes of the Storm for a limited time.
Watch Overwatch's Tracer In Action For When She Comes To Heroes Of The Storm Later This Month
Blizzard unveiled the next new hero to join the Heroes of the Storm roster, and it's none other than the face of Overwatch, Tracer. The inclusion of the time-manipulating speedster has been met with a lot of praise from the HotS community.
Heroes Of The Dorm Competition Registration Is Open, Get The Details
With a prize pool boasting $500,000 in goodies and tuition, the 2016 Heroes of the Dorm tournament is sure to provide some top-tier competition for Heroes of the Storm and, as of today, registrations are officially open.
Heroes Of The Storm Just Revealed Two New Characters
A pair of new playable characters have been officially announced for Heroes of the Storm, and they're going to make Diablo fans jump for joy.
Details Emerge For The Heroes Of The Storm Spring Global Championship
Blizzard has announced the schedule for the spring global championships for Heroes of the Storm. They rolled out the dates and prize pool for each region who will participate in the champion tournament, as well as how much money will be up for grabs.
Cho'gall Reminds Us Why Heroes Of The Storm Is So Unique
Heroes of the Storm recently made a risky move by introducing Cho'gall, the first two-player character for the MOBA. It seemed risky at first, anyway. In truth, this character fits perfectly with Blizzard's overall plan for Heroes.
Heroes Of The Storm's New Map Tower Of Doom Has Arrived
Heroes of the Storm players have one more battleground to fight over starting today. Blizzard has released "Towers of Doom," a spooky map with new objectives for players to tackle.
How To Unlock Cho'gall In Heroes Of The Storm
Heroes of the Storm now has a new character and it's a real doozy. Cho'gall is a two-headed ogre from Warcraft that will be controlled by two players at once in the PC strategy game.
Heroes Of The Storm Global Championship Circuit Coming Next Year
Blizzard is taking the eSports leagues for Heroes of the Storm very seriously. They want their new MOBA to have a solid foundation within the global gaming community of professional electronic sports in the same way that StarCraft 2 is considered one of the biggest draws in the eSports community. To help with this the company has rolled out their plans for Heroes of the Storm in 2016.
This Week In Video Games: Fallout 4 Review Embargo And Heroes Of The Storm's Bizarre New Character
Blizzard announced yesterday at BlizzCon 2015 that they're introducing a two-player character to Heroes of the Storm. It sounds like chaos but could also be really fun.
Heroes Of The Storm Is Adding Cho'gall, The Game's First Two-Player Hero
Blizzard announced a ton of new content for Heroes of the Storm today. Cho'gall, one of the three new heroes coming to the game, is by far the most surprising announcement.

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