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DC Comics Game Infinite Crisis Is Shutting Down
Infinite Crisis is being shut down less than two months after its official launch. Publisher Warner Bros. announced that the DC Comics multiplayer game will end this summer.
DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis Gets Launch Date
The beta test for Infinite Crisis, the MOBA that lets players become DC Comics heroes and villains, is almost over. Turbine announced this weekend that the game will officially launch on PC later this month.
Infinite Crisis Joins MLG Family, Showing Off At E3
It looks like Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is going full steam ahead with its upcoming Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, Infinite Crisis. Today, the publisher announced that it will be partnering with Major League Gaming to bring the new title to the eSport audience, beginning with a big showing at this year’s E3.
Infinite Crisis: Cyborg Tears Up The Arena In New Trailer
Cyborg is far from the most popular DC superhero around, but he might be a popular choice among Infinite Crisis players. His first gameplay footage shows that he has can really punish the other team.
Shazam Defends The Weak In Infinite Crisis Trailer
Shazam, formerly known as Captain Marvel, will be unleashing the strength of ancients in Infinite Crisis. You can check out his powers for yourself in a new gameplay trailer.
Infinite Crisis: Gaslight Joker Is One Filthy Bastard
The latest Infinite Crisis character spotlight video from Turbine takes a look at Gaslight Joker, the steampunk incarnation of the popular villain. The Gaslight version of Joker, as it turns out, is an obese butcher with serious hygiene issues.
The Flash Confirmed For Infinite Crisis With Gameplay Video
Speedy superhero The Flash will be playable in Turbine's MOBA Infinite Crisis. A new Champion Spotlight video from the developer shows Barry Allen using his quickness to get the drop on enemies.
Infinite Crisis Beta Launch Celebrated With Joker Profile Video
The closed beta for Turbine's free-to-play MOBA Infinite Crisis is now live. A select group of players can now duke it out in team-based battles starring DC Comics heroes and villains.
Infinite Crisis Puts Poison Ivy Into Support Role
Infinite Crisis will allow players to become Poison Ivy, the biologist-turned-supervillain. A new gameplay video from Turbine shows off the hybrid abilities that she possesses in this MOBA game.
Infinite Crisis Gameplay Video Unleashes Steampunk Catwoman
Turbine has sent out another Champion Spotlight video for their MOBA Infinite Crisis. This latest installment looks at Gaslight Catwoman, a steampunk incarnation of the notorious Gotham burglar.
Infinite Crisis Closed Beta Starts Next Week
Turbine will open up their multiplayer online battle arena game Infinite Crisis to select players next week. The closed beta for the DC Comics game is scheduled to begin on May 8th.
Gaslight Batman Profiled In Infinite Crisis Trailer
The Steampunk version of Batman won't be headlining his own game anytime soon but he will be part of Infinite Crisis's cast. A new gameplay video shows how the Gotham by Gaslight incarnation of Batman handles himself in battle.
Infinite Crisis Trailer Introduces Green Lantern
Another playable character in Infinite Crisis has been detailed by Turbine. Green Lantern, the galactic policemen, will be able to use his ring of power to carve up the battlefield.
Infinite Crisis Champion Profile Shows Off Wonder Woman's Powers
Turbine has released a gameplay video for Infinite Crisis profiling Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is one of the many playable characters in the DC Comics MOBA game. So, why should you play her?
Infinite Crisis Gameplay Trailer Profiles Nightmare Batman
Turbine Studios has released the first Champion Profile for their PC MOBA game Infinite Crisis. This video gives us a run-down on Nightmare Batman, a monstrous version of the Dark Knight.
Infinite Crisis: Picture League of Legends With Batman
Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the free-to-play PC game Infinite Crisis. Infinite Crisis is a multiplayer online battle arena based on the DC Comics storyline of the same name.

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