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EA's CEO Says Gamers Won't Pay For Crap, Even Though EA Makes Crap
First off, before anyone tries to defend EA, all I'm going to say is FIFA 13 on the Wii. Yeah, epic fail right there. Oh yeah, and NHL 12 and NHL 13. Simple Google searches will leave you shaking your head and waving a finger at EA...and not the PG finger either. Anyway, in a recent conference John Riccitiello, EA's CEO, stated that consumers won't pay for crap...yet they already do.
EA Aware Of NHL 13 Taking Gamer's Money, Still Not Doing Anything About It
After reaching out to EA last week for a comment on a monetary issue that has been plaguing gamers for an entire year and spanning two games, we still haven't received a response from them. However, gamers have fared slightly better, continually pestering EA for a response and they finally got one, but not the one they were hoping for.
NHL 13 Bug Takes Your MS Points; EA Has No Fix, Avoids Refunds
Another bug has been making the rounds for EA's recent NHL 13, which sees gamers buying boost packs from EA's store but not actually receiving the packs, resulting in a loss of MS Points and no refunds in sight.
EA's NHL 13 Forces Gamers To Keep Spending Real Money Due To Game Glitch
Let's hope this situation gets resolved real quick but we've been notified by one of our readers that EA's latest NHL 13 is forcing players to spend real cash to compensate for an in-game currency glitch. Yeah, that's EA for you. And if you think this is some isolated case, think again.
NHL 13 Launch Trailer Is Full Of Praise
EA Canada's hockey sim NHL 13 is now in stores throughout North America. To commemorate the occasion, EA sent out a trailer that toots the game's horn.
Tekken Tag And NHL 13 Headline Tomorrow's PSN Update
This week's list of releases on the PlayStation Network is something of a megaton, featuring multiple full PlayStation 3 games (Like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and NHL 13), some new PSN titles, a PS2 classic and...a demo for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?
NHL 13 Introduces Female Legends To The Roster
In EA's upcoming NHL 13, a pair of ladies will be able to hit the ice and check with the best of them. While last year's NHL 12 allowed players to create a female athlete, this year's iteration will include two female ice stars as playable characters for, according to EA, “the first time ever in a professional league simulation sports video game.”
NHL 13 Trailer Might Make You A Hockey Fan
With about a week until NHL 13's release, EA Sports has released a stirring live-action trailer to get you excited. It might get you pumped even if you have little to no interest in hockey.
NHL 13 Last Man Standing Trailer Stars The Goalie
When you're playing a hockey video game, scoring goals is generally the most satisfying part. However, with NHL 13, EA wants to make sure that it's just as satisfying and interesting to play as the goalie.

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