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Witcher 3 Mod Makes The Graphics Look Like A 3DS
Gamers are always tweaking and messing around with a wide variety of game configuration settings. It's just the way of things. Well, one gamer was tweaking The Witcher 3 and managed to get the game to look as if it were made for the Nintendo 3DS.
Shin Megami Tensei IV Has A Translation Problem And The Reason Is Hilarious
Atlus has launched Shin Megami Tensai IV: Apocalypse for the Nintendo 3DS. However, there's a minor translation problem that slipped through the cracks and made it into the game's final code. How and why the slip-up happened is quite hilarious.
Nintendo Has Announced A New Super Mario Maker, Get The Details
Nintendo has been rolling out a lot of news for their games, given the new Nintendo Direct they pumped out. One of the new games coming to the Nintendo 3DS will be Super Mario Maker, due for release this December.
Pokemon Sun and Moon's New Team Are Trying Way Too Hard To Be Cool
Pokemon Sun _andMoon_ are only a couple of months away from launch, which means Nintendo is busy rolling out plenty of details. One announced team appears more "too cool for school" than genuinely intimidating.
Pokemon Sun And Moon Video Reveals New Forms, Pokemon, And Moves
Nintendo and the Pokemon Company released a new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS exclusives, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The new trailer covers a lot of the new features they've implemented into the game.
Ace Attorney 6 Gets Japanese Release Date
Capcom released some new trailers for Ace Attorney 6 for the Nintendo 3DS. The trailers reveal that the latest game in the series is set to arrive on June 6th for Nintendo's handheld gaming device. The trailers cover the game's new and improved graphics, as well as some of the special bonus outfits that will be included for the three main characters.
Zero Escape Is Getting Its Own Real Life Escape Room
Here's a bit of rad news about the worlds of video games and real life crossing over: An Escape the Room game themed after the popular series Zero Escape will be making its way to Los Angeles later this year.
Final Fantasy Explorers Review: Eidolon Hunter
Final Fantasy Explorers is an interesting beast. It's not really a typical Final Fantasy game, nor does it cut too close to the bone of the series it's most easily compared to, Monster Hunter. The result is a unique, grindy romp that can evolve into something of an obsession if it manages to sink its hooks in deep enough.
Nintendo's New Roadmap Is Full Of Nostalgic Goodness
The Nintendo roadmap for the rest of 2015 is very robust, including release dates for fan-favorite titles and other offerings that we've been clamoring for since the announcements at E3 2015.
Pokemon Trainers Have Until September 14 To Grab This Legendary Monster
Pokemon trainers looking to add a Mega Rayquaza to their collection can rejoice. Thanks to a promotion running alongside the official release of the latest Pokemon: Trading Card Game expansion, a Shiny Mega Rayquaza will be available for free.
This Is The First Ever Dragon Quest Game To Be Multiplatform
For the longest time, Dragon Quest has been unfairly relegated to the likes of handheld systems and mobile devices.
Club Nintendo November Rewards Include Classic Metroid, Smash Bros. Posters
Club Nintendo is offering up some new goodies for all of you Coin collectors out there, including a pair of new Wii U games, two more Wii games and four 3DS titles in exchange for your continued loyalty to the great and powerful N. There's also a pretty rad Smash Bros poster set, for those of you who prefer physical goodies.
Club Nintendo Rewards For October Include Old School Classics
October is here, which means it’s time for a spooktacular crop of new game offerings as part of the Nintendo Rewards program. Get pumped for two new Wii U games, a pair of regular ole’ Wii games and four offerings for the Nintendo 3DS.
Super Smash Bros. 3DS: How To Unlock All Hidden Characters
Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS launches this week in North America. The game is already receiving rave reviews and pushing sales pretty hard for Nintendo. Fans who want to jump in and find out what they need to do and how they need to do it in order to unlock all the characters in the game will find it available right here in this guide.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gets Collectors Edition Details
The North American launch of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate might still be a ways off, but that isn’t stopping Capcom from releasing some Collector’s Edition details nice and early. Along with the game, this version of MH4U will include a small statue, a decorative pin and lanyard, and more.
Review: Azure Striker: Gunvolt Is Shockingly Good On The 3DS
With Mega Man on hiatus and Mighty No. 9 still a ways off from release, now is the perfect time for another blue-clad hero to come to the rescue for fans in the mood for side-scrolling shooting and platforming action. But can the 3DS’ Azure Striker: Gunvolt answer the call?
Super Smash Bros: 5 Most Wanted New Characters
With the launch of a new Super Smash Bros. just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what surprises might be in store for that final roster. Here are my top five dream picks for Nintendo's latest mascot brawler.
New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced Alongside New Game Updates
It’s certainly been a busy morning for Nintendo. Along with announcing this week’s content for the current 3DS and Wii U consoles, the publisher has now pulled back the curtain on a brand new 3DS and 3DS XL model.
Super Smash Bros. Wii U, 3DS Character Roster Leaked
A new leak has gone viral concerning the alleged complete roster for Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The roster list and some of the images showcase some of what gamers can expect from the upcoming fighting title from Nintendo.
Fantasy Life Gets Release Dates, Multiplayer Details, New Trailer
In just a month or two, gamers will be able to live out their Fantasy Life on the Nintendo 3DS, diving deep into LEVEL-5’s new RPG that lets players divide their time between fishing, crafting, hunting, questing and more.
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