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The Initial Rock Band VR Setlist Looks Like A Great Start
Harmonix getting back control of Rock Band from Electronic Arts has allowed them to be a bit more free spirited with how they approach content for their game. Well, one of the things they're doing is embracing VR and they just released the initial setlist of songs for Rock Band VR.
The Oculus Rift Just Got A Massive Price Cut
One of the major factors inhibiting people from taking a dive into the world of VR is price. Well, Oculus is attempting to make the lure a lot more attractive by cutting the price on the Rift.
Rock Band VR Has A Release Date, Pre-Orders Now Open
The Rock Band game series was always designed to try and make you feel like a real rock star. Now, Harmonix is almost ready to take that one step further. They announced a release date for Rock Band VR.
Oculus Has Been Ordered To Pay A Lot Of Money In The ZeniMax Lawsuit, Here's What Happened
The long-running lawsuit concerning Oculus technology has finally come to a close, with ZeniMax being awarded a large sum of money over a non-disclosure agreement that, according to the ruling, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey violated.
Alien: Covenant Is Getting A VR Experience
Movie-game tie-ins don't always do so great, just the same as game-based movies don't always do so great. Well, Fox is trying something a little different with Alien: Covenant by creating a more definitive experience using the power of virtual reality.
How Ubisoft Will Make Playing With Your Friends In VR A Lot Easier
One of the big challenges of virtual reality headsets in today's market is cost and compatibility. Well, Ubisoft wants to make things more streamlined on the compatibility front so that it will make playing with your friends in VR a heck of a lot easier.
Here's When You'll Be Able To Stream Your Xbox To Your Oculus Rift
Microsoft had announced previously that they were collaborating with Oculus for the Rift, the VR company's newest VR headset. Well, now we're starting to see how that connection is coming to fruition with a brand new update that will allow Oculus Rift gamers to stream Xbox games to the headset.
The Oculus Lawsuit Just Took A Step Forward
The lawsuit between Bethesda's parent company Zenimax and Oculus continues to rage on. Only this time, it's taken a step further.
You Might Not Need To Upgrade Anymore To Use The Oculus Rift
Jumping on the Oculus bandwagon might not be as costly as you thought, as the developers of the Rift VR headset have announced brand new specs that should help keep the cost of entry nice and low.
Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Oculus Touch Controllers
The Oculus Rift has had a very media-salient year thus far, making headlines for one thing or another. Recently, they've managed to detail something that a lot of gamers have been curious about: the release date and the price for the Oculus Touch motion controllers.
Facebook Just Made Developing VR Games A Lot Cheaper
Epic Games and Oculus have collaborated together for a new way for developers -- especially those classified as indie -- to cut operating expenses when developing games and apps for the Oculus Rift. Facebook Oculus will be stepping in to cover royalty fees for some VR projects.
These Oculus Touch Launch Games Look Amazing
The Oculus Connect 3 event was held today and among many, many other things, they officially announced the Oculus Touch controllers, along with several games that will use the new tech.
Here's What The Oculus Touch Controllers Are Going To Run You
A tweet went out recently where someone managed to spot the pricing for the Oculus Rift's motion Touch Controllers. The controllers are definitely expensive and will run you a pretty penny, and after making the conversion from pounds to dollars, you'll have to do some soul searching to figure out if they're worth it.
Oculus Just Won An Emmy Award
It seems like a strange thing that a VR company could win an Emmy Award, but the Oculus did. They managed to walk away with one of the most cherished prizes in the film and television industry thanks to a creative project that they brought to life for the Oculus Rift, their new VR headset that's been taking the headlines by storm this year.
Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Two Other VR Titles, Have Release Dates
Ubisoft has a huge slate of VR titles due for release this fall and they rolled out the official release dates for the games. One of the most anticipated games set to arrive this fall is Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a VR game that really puts players in the captain's chair of a Star Trek vessel.
Minecraft Has Added Yet Another New Platform
Microsoft is really taking advantage of their ownership of Minecraft. The game is appearing on as many platforms as possible, including something brand new.
How Much Nvidia Will Have To Pay Customers In The GTX 970 Settlement
Nvidia settled a class action lawsuit against angry customers who found out that the GTX 970 wasn't all it was cracked up to be. In fact, the card was short of 500MB of VRAM that it was advertised to have. Instead they had lower performance VRAM and that cost them $30 per customer.
A Rick And Morty VR Game Is Coming, Get The Details
The developers of Job Simulator, Owlchemy Labs, are working on a new virtual reality game based on the Adult Swim show, Rick and Morty. The new game will be in first person and will share a lot of similarities to Owlchemy's own Job Simulator.
Why You Won't Have To Wait For The Oculus Rift Any Longer
If you've had your eye on the Oculus Rift but wanted to wait until the pre-order choppy waters died down before diving in, now might be a good time to begin your adventure into virtual reality.
The Actual Reason Japan's Virtual Reality Porn Festival Had To Be Cancelled
Virtual reality is a big deal in the media...especially virtual reality porn. So much so that Japan had a festival dedicated to VR porn. The festival was so popular and caused such a ruckus that they had to shut it down and cancel it.

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