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Another Star Wars Game Is In The Works, Here's What We Know
One of the creative leads at Respawn Entertainment, Stig Asmussen, made a recent blog post announcing that LucasArts, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have entered into a partnership that sees Respawn being in charge of making a brand new Star Wars game.
Watch The Thrilling New Teaser For Titanfall 2
We all figured Titanfall 2 had to be coming and, today, Respawn Entertainment and EA confirmed our beliefs with a trailer announcing the impending arrival of a mech-piloting follow-up to the FPS series.
Titanfall 2 Release Date Announcement Is Coming, Says GameStop
Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts could be gearing up for a big release date reveal of the futuristic mech-shooter, Titanfall 2. That's according to some placeholder boxes currently sitting on the shelves of GameStop at the moment.
Toy Company May Have Just Leaked Titanfall 2's Release Window
The McFarlane Toy line, headed up by comic book and action figure maestro Todd McFarlane, will be in charge of constructing the action figures for Titanfall 2. According to McFarlane Toys the figures and game will release in the winter of 2016.
Titanfall 2 Will Have A Campaign Mode
Details on Titanfall 2's campaign mode have been revealed and this comes with the news that they're also developing a TV series around the game. The campaign mode will be “gritty” and “dirty” and “human” and it will help flesh out the world around the game's lore, science and a little bit of the magic that makes it all tick.
Respawn Entertainment Is Working On A Mysterious Game
Respawn Entertainment is probably best known for two things: that they are the offspring of the original Infinity Ward team that made Call of Duty the billion dollar franchise that it is. And that they made Titanfall. They may be adding a third trait to their list now that they're working on a brand new third-person shooter. The mystery title has no name... yet.
Titanfall Team Teases Titanfall 2 Tidbits
Even though Titanfall 2 hasn't been officially announced, the folks at Respawn Entertainment are flirting with fans about the upcoming sequel.
Titanfall Co-op Mode, Ranked Play Coming In Update 8
Titanfall's Update #8 will be the biggest one yet, according to Respawn. The studio revealed that the update will contain some major features, including the first-ever co-op mode for the game.
Titanfall DLC IMC Rising Launches Today
Respawn Entertainment is releasing the third, and potentially final, map pack for Titanfall today. The IMC Rising Pack provides three more battlefields for your mech and infantry fights.
Titanfall Black Market Won't Become Cash Shop
Titanfall will be adding a Black Market in a future update that lets players buy in-game items. It's not as evil as you think.
Titanfall Frontier's Edge DLC Screenshots Released
New screenshots have surfaced for Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter mech-shooter, Titanfall. The new screenshots feature a look at the new Dig Site map that will accompany the Export and Haven maps.
Titanfall Developer Loves The PS4
Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment made one of the biggest games on Xbox One so far but they may not stay Xbox exclusive forever. Respawn chief operating officer Dusty Welch says that the company has fond feelings for the PS4.
E3 2014: Titanfall’s Marked For Death Might Be The Best Mode Yet
The grandiose display of the E3 show floor is anything but underwhelming. Bright lights showcase the leading titles and booming noises attract industry folk and fans from across the halls. It’s the time to get some hands-on time with newly announced games… and yet the title that kept me coming back for more was a title that’s already been released.
Titanfall PC Loses Two Playlists
Titanfall's PC version is undergoing a major change. Respawn Entertainment has decided to remove the Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter playlists from the multiplayer shooter.
Titanfall DLC Expedition Gets Xbox One And PC Release Date
Titanfall's first DLC pack Expedition will be launching this week. The Expedition pack introduces three new maps for the mech and parkour shooter.
Titanfall Expedition DLC Screenshots Reveal War Games Map
Respawn Entertainment gave a detailed preview of one of Titanfall's upcoming DLC maps. War Games will transport players to a virtual reality simulator based on several maps from the base game.
Titanfall Mythbusters Video Reveals Dropship Bug
DefendTheHouse released another installment of their Titanfall Mythbusters video series. The video confirms or debunks a number of popular myths in the game, including a dropship kill from miles and miles away.
Titanfall's Xbox 360 Sales Are 71%, Xbox One Sales Are 27% In UK
Games Industry managed to get their hands on some of the stats from the UKIE game charts courtesy of Gfk Chart-Track and it bodes well for the Xbox 360.
Titanfall Expedition DLC Announced By Respawn, New Modes Explained
Respawn Entertainment announced the first DLC for Titanfall today at PAX East. Expedition, slated for a May release, will add new battlegrounds to the multiplayer shooter.
Titanfall On Xbox 360 Is 600p, 46fps; Titanfall On Xbox One Is 792p, 57fps
All that worry about Titanfall on the Xbox 360? Well, throw it out the window, light a match and break some wind on it because those worries can be put to rest like fears of your paraplegic spouse cheating on you... while in a coma.
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