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A Three-Year-Old Title Just Added Mod Support
Mod support was once a dying trend; something only supported by indie games and off-shoot communities who wanted to dabble in extending the life of a title. Well, the fringe hobby has now become a widely supported feature for some games, including a popular three-year-old title, which just received mod support.
See The Free Games Coming To PlayStation Plus In July
If you're subscribed to PlayStation Plus and still racking up some discounts, deals and free games each month, you'll be pleased with the selection of titles across the PS3, PS Vita and PS4 that Sony has made freely available for PS Plus subscribers.
7 Real Reasons Video Games Have Been Banned
No matter how tame a game may be, it seems there's always a country somewhere in the world that is going to take offense to it in some way. These seven games were all banned in different parts of the world for some very unique and uncanny reasons. And yes, one of the reasons does include an anal probe.
5 Sequels That Are Very Different From The Original Games
The gaming industry loves sequels. Publishers capitalize on a game's success by funding one, or sometimes multiple, follow-ups. In many cases, these sequels are very similar to the original game. However, every so often, a sequel barely resembles the game that came before it.
Saints Row 4 Expansion, Resident Evil HD And Citizens Of Earth Invade PSN This Week
The 2015 release calendar finally gets rolling this week, with the PlayStation Network offering up a sizable amount of content spread across multiple genres. Expect to revisit the over-the-top antics of Saints Row IV with a massive new DLC update, some microscopic puzzle action, a remade horror classic and even a new RPG that pays homage to the beloved Earthbound.
Saints Row 4 Christmas DLC Coming December 11th
Saints Row 4 will be celebrating the holidays with a special DLC pack called "How the Saints Save Christmas." This add-on is one of several celebrations they have planned for the end of the year.
Saints Row 4 Enter The Dominatrix DLC Launching This Month
Saints Row 4's next DLC will be out before the end of the month. Enter the Dominatrix, inspired by the cancelled Saints Row: The Third expansion, provides a new system of missions that help SR4 further earn its "Mature" rating.
Saints Row 4 Getting GATV And Western Themed DLC
Releasing on the same week as Grand Theft Auto V, Saints Row IV has some new DLC that Volition and Deep Silver hopes will keep you from tuning into Rockstar's seventh generation magnum opus.
Saints Row 4 DLC Adds New Dubstep Powers
The Dubstep gun in Saints Row IV has captivated many gamers, bringing together torn apart families, bridging the gap of music tastes between jilted lovers, and arousing laughs from scorned adulterers. In a way, the Dubstep gun is peace. With that in mind, Volition has decided to branch out and bring in even more gamers by allowing the Dubstep gun to embody even more powers.
Saints Row 4 Sells 1 Million, Presidential And Grass Roots DLC Now Live
Saints Row 4 is receiving its first two DLC packs today. Deep Silver also took the opportunity to announce the sales figures for the game's first week in stores.
Saints Row 4 Launches In North America, Accolades Trailer Touts Good Reviews
With all the PS4 and Xbox One news coming out of Gamescom today, it can be easy to lose track of what's actually coming out right now. Saints Row 4 publisher sent out a launch trailer today to humble remind us that the game is now available throughout North America.
Saints Row 4, Disney Infinity, Splinter Cell: Blacklist Hit PSN This Week
Tomorrow is Tuesday, a special time of the week for anyone gaming on a PlayStation platform as it marks the latest and greatest releases for games, DLC, this, that and the other. It’s a pretty awesome week all around, featuring a gang leader turned president turned super hero, diving, kicking, alien conspiracies and an army of Disney characters.
Saints Row 4 Videos Mock Call Of Duty, Leave It To Beaver
I can't say I'm a big fan of the super-absurdity of Saints Row games but I do appreciate their candor and humor. A few new videos for Saints Row IV have gone live and it should go without saying that since they're story-missions they contain obvious spoilers.
Saints Row 4 Video Details Mass Effect Style Romance System
Do you like all that classy romance in Mass Effect? You know, the kind where you try to have a normal conversation and you end up as half-naked polygonal models humping and bumping in space? Yeah, friendship ain't an option when the world is at stake. Well, Volition went the same route with Saints Row IV, keeping all the pleasantries of the romance that you would usually find in a BioWare game.
Saints Row 4 Character Creation Now Available Through Inauguration Station
Today Volition released the Saints Row 4 Inauguration Station. This program allows you to create your SR4 character before the game's launch later in the month.
Saints Row 4 Still Banned In Australia
Saints Row 4 has been rejected by the Classification Review Board in Australia. The game can't be sold or advertised in that country until developer Volition edits the content that this board deems unacceptable.
Saints Row 4 Goes Gold, DLC Season Pass Includes Anal Probe
Saints Row 4 publisher Deep Silver confirmed today that the sandbox action game has gone gold. With development on the base game officially complete, they decided today was a good time to start talking about their downloadable content plans.
Saints Row 4 Enter The Dominatrix DLC Announced
During a Saints Row 4 Comic Con panel, developer Deep Silver Volition revealed the first downloadable content details for Saints Row 4. The first post-launch add-on for the game will be called Enter the Dominatrix.
Saints Row 4 Trailer: Gat Is Back
Volition Software sent out a brand new trailer for the upcoming open-world comedy-action game, Saints Row IV. The trailer is probably going to send a lot of long-time fans into a frenzy as it features the return of the best character from the entire franchise: Gat, voiced by the on-point Daniel Dae Kim.
Saints Row 4 E3 Gameplay Walkthrough Reveals New Weapons, Powers
If you can't get enough of Saints Row IV then you're in for a happy time today, because Deep Silver and Volition Software unleashed a brand new video of gameplay that was on display at this year's E3 for select members of the press behind closed doors.

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