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3DS, Wii U Getting Dr. Mario And Sonic Link DLC
Everybody ready for another Nintendo eShop and Virtual Console weekly update?! Well, maybe don't get too excited, folks. The best things on offer for the next seven days boil down to a decades old puzzle game about murdering germs and a piece of DLC that combines two legendary gaming worlds. Not terrible, but not exactly super-omg-exciting, either.
Sonic Lost World Review: You’ve Played Worse Sonic Games
Sonic Lost World on the 3DS is unlike any other Sonic game I’ve ever played before, which is both a good and a bad thing.
Sonic Lost World Wii U 18 Minutes Of Amazing Gameplay
Sonic really is on a comeback to being considered a real brand once more – following up on the awesome Sonic & Sega All Stars Transformed, Sonic Lost World is like a mix of Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Colors and the new video walkthrough is pure next-gen goodness.
Sonic Lost World Wii U Trailer Previews New Stages, Enemies
Sega released a new trailer for Sonic Lost World, the upcoming Wii U exclusive featuring Sega's former popular blue hedgehog, Sonic. The trailer shows off some impressive new gameplay that involves some of Sonic's new abilities, as well as a few of the new enemies he'll face off against.
E3 2013: Sega's Line-Up Headlined By Sonic Lost World
Out of all that corporate spy stuff and shill-hullabaloo, I can't believe we completely forgot about the once prime-time console player during the 1990s, Sega. Yes, the company in charge of the edgy blue animal with an attitude unveiled their line-up for E3, starting this upcoming Monday and the top game of the bunch is Sonic Lost World for the Wii U.

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