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Upcoming Slime Rancher Game Is Bizarre And Adorable

If you like shooting things, growing things, capturing things and raising things, then you'll likely find yourself instantly drawn to Monomi Park's Slime Rancher. The game was recently revealed and has been garnering a lot of attention for its mix of pet management and open world exploration.

This Multiplayer Shooter Bans You Permanently If You Die Once

PC multiplayer shooter One Life is taking an unusual approach to the death. After you're killed once, you'll be unable to play the game again...ever.

Why Hatred Was Removed From Steam Greenlight

The controversial action game Hatred debuted on Steam Greenlight earlier today. Valve removed the game shortly afterward. So what happened there?

Galactic Princess, Woolfe: Redhood Diaries, Gang Beasts Join Steam Greenlight

A couple of exciting new games have managed to join Steam's Greenlight service, including the physically hilarious Gang Beasts, the visually impressive Woolfe: Redhood Diaries, and the retrotastically awesome Galactic Princess.

Dawn Of The Ronin, Edge Of Eternity, 48 Others Greenlit For Steam

50 brand smacking new games have been greenlit for Steam. A ton of these games are actually pretty cool, including one of my own personal favorites, Aces Wild.

ROM: Read Only Memories, Ultionus: A Tale Of Petty Revenge Join Steam Greenlight

Two more games of rather interesting qualities have joined Steam's Greenlight, and both games have garnered a bit of their own form of controversy just for being exactly what they are. Although, one is a little more controversial than the other... for obvious reasons.

Dex, EF-12, One Finger Death Punch And More, All Greenlit

Valve has just greenlit 100 games from the Greenlight service. That's right, 100 games. It's not all little, worthless, super no-name titles, either. Many of the games greenlit are titles that have been receiving some fair amount of coverage from media and the gaming community alike.

Interference Brings Neon-Noir Cyberpunk To Steam Greenlight

If you combined parkour titles Vector and Mirror's Edge with the puzzle elements of a Metroidvania game and the neon-grim art-style from games like Blood Dragon, you'll get Anthony Beyer's Interference, a game that combines all of the above into one unique platformer.

Paradise Lost: First Contact Debut Trailer Is Intriguing

Ashtree Works released a new debut trailer for their sci-fi stealth game Paradise Lost: First Contact. The trailer arrives alongside a concept page on Steam Greenlight that gauges user interest in the upcoming side-scroller that combines a lot of interesting concepts into an intriguing premise.

Age Of Wushu, Hyper Light Drifter, 30 Other Games Greenlit For Steam

32 games have been greenlit for Steam via Steam Greenlight. Valve recently announced the games that have been greenlit, including highly popular fan favorites, one of which has blasted past its Kickstarter goal and is aiming to arrive for Nintendo's Wii U.

Edge Of Eternity Rekindles The Glory Days Of PSX JRPGs

Midgar Studios (named after the famous Final Fantasy location) has decided to elevate their game and attempt to bring back the classic JRPG gameplay style with their indie title, Edge of Eternity: Last Day of Universe.

Hyper Light Drifter, Everworld Island Land On Steam's Greenlight

Imagine a game that combines Terraria with The Legend of Zelda with Super Mario World and you have yourself a little something-something called Everworld Island. The game combines the creative emergent elements found in many other indie games out there while also combining the likes of traditional platforming titles.

Detective Case And Clown Bot In: Murder In The Hotel Lisbon Comes To Steam Greenlight

A wacky and colorful new point and click adventure game has found its way onto Steam's Greenlight called Detective Case and Clown Bot In: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon. The new game takes a completely different route to way the point and click genre is presented and adds some extra flair by giving the game an overtly cartoony feel.

AdventurOS Turns Your Computer Files Into Dungeons

The Glorious PC Master Race oftentimes talk about how great their computers are; how the graphics are amazing and the framerates are graciously heavenly. Well, one thing the PC Master Race doesn't talk about is how bloated the system folders can be and how much memory they take up and how cluttered they can become, etc. Well, one game is taking a vice of the PC Master Race and turning it into a virtue.

Weekly Recap Aug 31st: Nintendo 2DS Controversy, XB1 Day-One DLC, Greenlight Anniversary

Valve celebrates the one year anniversary of Steam Greenlight. Nintendo announces the 2DS and Microsoft unveils a ton of day one DLC. These stories and more in this edition of the Weekly Recap.

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora Lands On Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter

A murder-mystery Metroidvania-style, platform, shooting, action, suspense-thriller (yes it hits just about every genre you could imagine) has landed on Steam's Greenlight and is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.

Dragonfly: Escape From Deneb IV Concept Trailer Basks In All Things Tech-Noir

Dragonfly is set within a tech-noir society that's about a few trash cans and rusty coiled cables away from being called “cyberpunk”. Players fly around in hovercars, out-running gangsters, partaking in races and pulling off all other sorts of tech-noir related activities in a futuristic city.

The Red Solstice Trailer Embraces The Power Of 8-Player Co-op

Ironward released a new trailer for The Red Solstice featuring the 8-player co-op in action, and also used the new promo trailer as a way to remind gamers that this title is still looking for a bit of support on Steam's Greenlight.

7 Days To Die, The Novelist Approved By Steam Greenlight

A batch of 15 new indie games have been greenlit for Steam. This new group of Steam Greenlight successes will allow players to take on a variety of colorful professions, such as space station janitor or a friendly neighborhood ghost.

Lilly Looking Through Brings Enchanting Animated Adventure To Steam Greenlight

Geeta Games' Lilly Looking Through is a throwback to the bygone era of the point-and-click adventure games that flooded and enticed the market during the 90s boom era of gaming... also known as the Golden Age of gaming. The title aims to rekindle the nostalgia of old while bridging in aesthetics, visuals and technology from the new.

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