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Hellraid Has Not Been Canceled, Says Techland
According to a recent interview with Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka, the first-person dungeon diver known as Hellraid has not, in fact, been cancelled.
See The New Dying Light: The Following Maps That Were Just Released
Dying Light: The Following just keeps getting better and better since its release at the end of January, and now developer Techland has added four community maps. You can check out the new maps in all their glory in the recently released trailer from the developer, Techland.
Dying Light Has A Huge Harry Potter Easter Egg, Get The Details
Techland's Dying Light is a hugely popular first-person, zombie survival game. The developers really seemed to enjoy spending time working on the game and adding in all sorts of little hidden details, including an Easter Egg featuring J.K. Rowling's one and only Harry Potter.
The Dying Light: Spotlight Edition Will Cost You Millions, Get The Details
Techland and GAME have a ridiculous promotion going on right now for Dying Light: The Following. Over on the U.K., based gaming retailer's web page, there's a listing for Dying Light: The Following – The Spotlight Edition. It will cost you $10 million.
Be The Zombie Mode In Dying Light: The Following Trailer Shows Off Violent Gameplay
Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer for Dying Light: The Following, showcasing how the new and improved “Be The Zombie” mode will play out now that an even larger environment is present and the deadly dune buggies are rolling around the countryside.
Check Out The New Trailer That Explores Massive Map In Dying Light: The Following
Techland and Warner Bros are gearing up for the release of the massive expansion for Dying Light called The Following. They revealed a new trailer for the game that covers the expansive map in the zombie survival title.
See The New DLC Coming To Dying Light Next Month
Dying Light is finally getting new downloadable content and it’s going to be a little different than what Dying Light’s story has included in the past. Drawing inspiration from hit TV shows like The X-Files and Twin Peaks, it might be a chance for Dying Light to reignite interest in players.
Dying Light Expansion Pack's Release Date Narrowed Down
For folks who have been eagerly anticipating the first major DLC expansion for Dying Light, we now have a better idea of when survivors of the zombie apocalypse will be able to dive into The Following. Good news! It’s a lot sooner than you might thing.
See 15 Minutes of Dying Light's Latest Expansion
Techland's upcoming Dying Light expansion, The Following, is rife with story and other elements that fans will no doubt want a part of.
Techland Would Take Over Development Of Dead Island 2 At Any Time
It's been very clear the development of Dead Island 2 has been in jeopardy for some time, but developer Techland has a message for publisher Deep Silver.
Dying Light: The Following Will Reveal More About Kyle Crane
Dying Light's first official expansion has been detailed in a trailer released by Techland today. The expansion, known simply as The Following, is going to shine some more light on protagonist Kyle Crane as players get to experience a little more of his back story.
Dying Light Will Celebrate Summer With Weekend Events
Techland has plans to celebrate the summer with a variety of weekend events throughout July and August. The first event is already underway and the second event is planned for next weekend. Those who enjoy Dying Light will likely like it even more with the new summer events.
Dying Light's Best Mods, According To The Developers
Techland picked out some of the best mods available for Dying Light and highlighted them in a video, giving gamers an idea what the modding community is up to on the PC version of Dying Light. If you haven't been keeping an eye on the mods for the game the video is well worth a watch.
Hellraid Isn't Cancelled
The recent news about Hellraid being put “on hold” had a lot of gamers fearing the worst for the game. Well, Techland's CEO Pawel Marchewka explained what they actually meant by “on hold” and that the medieval, first-person, hack-and-slash dungeon crawler Hellraid isn't cancelled.
Dying Light Studio Delays Hellraid
Were you looking forward to the random-dungeon, hack-and-slash, first-person game Hellraid from Techland? Well, you'll have to put that excitement on a shelf and close the cabinet for now. They recently announced that the game is being shelved and could be reworked from the ground up into something else.
Dying Light Players Will Have Superpowers On April Fool's Day
Dying Light developer Techland has decided to commemorate April Fool's Day with an interesting in-game event. For the entire day, players will be superpowered.
Dying Light Modding Tools Beta Starting Soon
Techland is holding true to their promise of delivering mod tools to the Dying Light community on PC. The developers recently made a post over on the Steam community page to let everyone know that the development tools to create mods are almost here.
This Dying Light Special Edition Costs $386,000
Zombie super fans now have the ability to destroy their family's financial stability by purchasing a collector's edition that's more expensive than a fully loaded Ferrari. Dying Light's 'My Apocalypse' edition will cost about $386,000, because it comes with a house.
5 Reasons Why Dying Light Deserves a Sequel
Dying Light's lack of perfection shouldn't stop Techland from developing a sequel. The game isn't a technological masterpiece, but it has a handful of elements that are unique to the zombie genre. And the universe is far more interesting than most of the other zombie titles on the market.
Dying Light Mods Now Supported
Dying Light's PC version received Patch 1.4 today. Once you've loaded this update, you'll once again be allowed to create and use mods for the survival horror game.
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