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Two Telltale Games Titles May Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch has been on the receiving end of a lot of positive praise from the consumer market and sales have been huge for Nintendo the first week out for the Switch. Quite naturally, this led to people asking various companies if their games would be appearing on the Switch, including Telltale.
How To Import Your Old Save Data Into The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
With The Walking Dead: A New Frontier coming soon to home consoles and PC, some gamers may want to import their saves so that their decisions will carry over, however since many people may have played the previous installments on an older generation of hardware, there's a problem.
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Trailer Introduces A New Main Character
Telltale Games have been getting pelted by fans in every single trailer they release for every single episode or game that isn't The Walking Dead. What are they getting pelted with? Questions about when season 3 will drop. Well, the new trailer for season 3 dropped and it revealed a new main character.
Telltale Makes Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Official With a Totally Rad Teaser
For anyone who keeps track of video game news, this bit of news is completely expected and totally not surprising. For everyone else out there who doesn't follow gaming, the big news is that one of the most popular new franchises to make it big at the box office will now get its official Telltale tie-in.
The Next Season Of The Walking Dead Has A New Release Date
Telltale Games announced that they have finalized the release date for the new season of The Walking Dead, which is set to go live next month in December. The new season will kick off a five episode tale featuring new and returning characters.
Telltale's Secret Marvel Project Has Finally Been Revealed
Telltale Games has a full slate of projects under their wing, working on stuff like The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and Game of Thrones. Well, now some leaks have potentially revealed what new Marvel project Telltale is working on.
Minecraft Story Mode Gets Shattered Into Pieces In New Honest Game Trailer
The Honest Game Trailers are usually a good way to get an honest look at a game; the good, the bad and the horrible. The latest game to get the "Honest" treat is Minecraft Story Mode from Telltale Games, and they absolutely do not hold back anything as they shatter the game to pieces.
Telltale May Be Teasing A New Project Based On Another Popular TV Series
It looks like you just can't slow Telltale Games down. No sooner have they released a brand new episodic series amidst additional seasons of their dozen other successful games, now we're seeing rumors that the developer might be working on a new project based on a fan-favorite television show.
Batman: The Telltale Series Will Include Multiplayer, Get The Details
Telltale's upcoming Batman: The Telltale Series is shaping up to make its release this August and Telltale has let loose a secret ahead of its release. What's the secret? That it has multiplayer and it's not quite what you may have been expecting.
New Trailer For Batman: The Telltale Series Is Wonderfully Gritty And Dark
After a recent leak of a Batman: The Telltale Series release date, Telltale Games has finally come forward not only with the official release date, but also a new trailer that shows off the upcoming game.
When Telltale Games' Batman Will Be Releasing Its First Episode
Telltale and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have finally set a window for when the Batman: The Telltale Series will officially release for home consoles and PC. The game will arrive before the summer is out, just as it was promised by Telltale.
How Hideo Kojima Feels About Episodic Gaming
Episodic games might be present with major developers like Telltale Games, but it hasn't completely taken off just yet. But Hideo Kojima believes episodic gaming is the next big thing.
When Telltale's Batman Plans To Release All Of Its Episodes
Telltale Games announced that their take on DC's popular superhero in Batman: The Telltale Series would be releasing this summer. They've also announced that they plan to get every episode out by the end of 2016.
Telltale's Batman Game Lets You Become Your Own Caped Crusader
If you were Bruce Wayne or his infamous alter ego, Batman, what kind of person would you be? What kind of hero? Those are the questions Telltale is asking with its upcoming Batman game, which lets you craft your own character through the decisions you make and the actions you take.
Telltale Games Announces The Walking Dead Season 3
Telltale Games have been keeping busy lately. The company recently revealed the new Batman: The Telltale Series and now they've revealed what they have planned for The Walking Dead Season 3. The new teaser trailer has gone live during E3 and you can check it out for yourself.
New Batman Game Finally Gets A Release Window
Telltale Games have been exceptionally quiet about their project Batman: A Telltale Series... until now. The company recently revealed a release window for their new story-driven Batman game.
The Walking Dead Season 3 May Feature An Older Clementine, According To Creator
With The Walking Dead: Michonne wrapping up and releasing soon, it’s only natural to assume that everyone’s focus will shift to the next season in the game series, The Walking Dead Season 3. While Season 2 left everyone with a whirlwind of endings, creator Robert Kirkman has hinted that Season 3 could involve an older version of Clementine.
The Walking Dead: Michonne Finale Launch Trailer Is Heartbreaking And Terrifying
With only one final chapter left to go, it looks like things are winding down for the most recent episodic game series from Telltale, The Walking Dead: Michonne. If you haven’t played the previous chapters yet, you may want to cover your eyes and ears.
The Walking Dead Developer Announces 7 Days To Die With New Live-Action Trailer And It's Gruesome
Just yesterday, Telltale Games’ new publishing company, Telltale Publishing, announced on Twitter that they were going to reveal a new project with a partner developer today. But now, as promised, Telltale Publishing has released a trailer officially announcing the open-world, zombie survival game, 7 Days To Die.
The Walking Dead Developer Teases A New Gruesome Project With Tweets
Today, The Walking Dead Developer Telltale Games announced on Twitter that their new publishing company, Telltale Publishing, will be announcing a new project tomorrow that they’ve been working on with a secret partner developer.

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