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A Remastered Version Of Darksiders Is Coming, Get The Details
One of the more underrated games from last generation was the action-RPG Darksiders from developers Vigil Games. The comic book-based game will be getting a remastered edition for the Xbox One, PS4, PC and Wii U called Darksiders: The Warmastered Edition.
You Will Finally Be Able To Use Animal Crossing Amiibos In New Leaf, Here's How
Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been available on the Nintendo 3DS for a couple of years now, but it looks like the game will actually be getting some new content in the coming months thanks to those adorable little figurines folks can't seem to get enough of, Amiibo.
This Nintendo Character Is Getting Its Own Cafe In Japan, Check It Out
Nintendo appears to be opening up a food and drink cafe featuring one of their titular characters from a long running franchise. The cafe will open up in August and according to a new website and a tweet, the theme will center around Kirby.
Nintendo Wants To Make VR Safe For Kids
In a Nintendo shareholder meeting recently, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that they have been doing research into how to make virtual reality kid-friendly.
Watch This Gamer Try To Finish Super Mario Bros. 3 Faster Than Stephen Colbert Can Eat A Hot Pocket
Stephen Colbert had a speedrunner on his show to see if he could beat Super Mario Bros. 3 faster than he could eat a Hot Pocket.
Here's All The New Pokemon Confirmed For Pokemon Sun And Moon
The Pokemon Company and Nintendo released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The trailer reveals even more Pokemon apart from what was already released in previous trailers, as well as a more rounded look at the combat and locations.
Nintendo's Copyright Police Has Struck Again And This Time On Kickstarter
The crowd-funding for Bitman Books' NES/Famicom: A Visual Compendium has come to an end, not because it failed to meet its goals but because of a DMCA from Nintendo to shut the whole thing down.
Another Game Got Ripped Off By A Chinese Developer, Get The Details
Not too long ago, we discovered that a Chinese developer had totallyripped off the game, Overwatch. And now, another Chinese developer has done the same thing, only for a different game.
The Best Of E3 Full List Of 2016 Nominees
This year's E3 was a whirlwind of creative and innovative games, but of course some stood out more than others. And E3 has finally released the list of nominees up for awards in 16 categories. See the full list here.
Sega Has Big Plans For Sonic The Hedgehog, Get The Details
Sonic The Hedgehog has been the centerpiece of a lot of interesting news recently, including the announcement of a new Sonic game coming next year. But Sega has also stated they have far bigger plans for the speed-addicted hedgehog.
Why Sonic's Greatest Villain Received The Name Eggman
Anyone who grew up playing Sonic games in the 1990s knew that the lead villain was called Dr. Robotnik. He had henchmen and other subservient robots under his command, and it only made sense given his name was Robotnik... right? Wrong. Robotnik was never supposed to be his name.
Why Legend Of Zelda Games Are Almost Always Delayed, According To Nintendo
Nintendo has a habit of delaying Legend of Zelda games. It's starting to become a tradition that most gamers have accepted. Ever since the N64 the games have been hit with one delay or another, and series creator Shigeru Miyamoto finally explained why.
How Brexit Is Going To Impact The Business Of Gaming
A lot of video game companies operate out of the United Kingdom, and they're now being faced with a stiff new reality that sees the U.K., leaving the European Union over the next two years. Some of them are worried about how Brexit is going to impact the business of gaming.
Why A Developer Should Never Rush Out A Game, Ever
Every developer has felt the pressure of meeting a release date deadline. It happens and it's so very real. But is the pressure of meeting the deadline really worth the entirety of the game? No, it's not.
There's A New Sonic The Hedgehog Game Coming, Get The Details
Sega and the Sonic Team are working on a brand new Sonic The Hedgehog game. They don't reveal what the game will be about or what sort of gameplay fans can expect, but there's a new game coming soon along with a major motion picture based on Sonic Boom.
Pokemon's Ash Mysteriously Appears In Taiwanese Subway Ad, See The Image
If you plan on taking a trip to Taiwan, you'll also have the opportunity to Pokemon's Ash in his latest adventure: Teaching folks proper etiquette while riding the subway.
Mighty Number 9 Review: Not Quite Mega, Man
It's been a long time coming, but Mighty No. 9 has finally launched and players can now take the titular robot on his first big adventure. But does this spiritual successor to the Mega Man series live up to its lineage?
Just How Bad Is The Mighty No. 9 Launch? Here’s How Gamers Are Responding
The most popular chatter on the internet right now is just how horrible the launch of Mighty No. 9 has really been---and it's been pretty terrible. So of course, the internet has taken to Twitter to announce just how they feel about Mighty No. 9, including Sega's very own Sonic The Hedgehog.
The Nintendo NX Won't Just Have Digital Games, According To GameStop
Rumors about the Nintendo NX have been running wild all over the place since it was first introduced to the gaming media a while back. One of the rumors was that the Nintendo NX would be a digital-only game console, but GameStop has put an end to that by stating that the console will have physical media.
This Artist Turned Adorable Pokemon Into Horrifying Monsters
A lot of people have grown to fall in love with the adorable little Pokemon from the popular Nintendo games. What a lot of people probably didn't expect was to see those same adorable monsters turned into horrifying monsters. Well, that's exactly what one artist did.
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