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Two Games Will Be Available For Free This Weekend On Xbox One
Gamers absolutely interested in spending their weekend playing some new games not already in their library will have an opportunity to do so thanks to a free gaming weekend offered by Microsoft for two popular games on the Xbox One.
Xbox Live Gold Has A Ton Of New Free Games For January
December is now behind us and 2016 is but a memory. Looking forward through 2017, the first month of the year offering Games With Gold is now upon us and Microsoft has a helping handful of titles available for gamers... for free.
Xbox's Countdown Sale Begins With Huge Deals
The holidays are all about giving, but that doesn't mean that you can't give something to yourself, too. If you're looking to enjoy some big savings before ringing in the New Year, then you might want to check out the Xbox Countdown Sale going on right now.
Xbox Is Starting Black Friday Early, Like Now
Black Friday is fast approaching and lots of deals are dropping for various consoles and gaming software, including the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft actually has their own special deals for those playing on Xbox, and the Black Friday deals have started early... like, right now early.
Microsoft Is Celebrating 15 Years Of Xbox
Hard to believe, but the Xbox has been with us for a full 15 years at this point, and the folks over at Microsoft are celebrating with a bunch of in-game givaways.
Here's What's New In The Xbox Holiday Update
As has been announced over on the Xbox website, "the wait is over." As of now, gamers playing on an Xbox One can download the Holiday Update, which is full of new features that should make it easier to connect and compete with friends.
Those Responsible For The 2014 Holiday Hack Have Been Arrested
Folks who had their holidays ruined a couple of years ago might finally see a little justice prevail as it was announced yesterday that two members of the hacker groups Lizard Squad and Poodle Corp have been arrested in connection to attacks on both Sony and Microsoft's servers.
New Xbox Live Features Will Make Esports Available To Everybody
The esports scene is about to have a bigger home on Xbox Live, with the rollout of "Arena" functionality set to kick off in the not-too-distant future. And according to a recent update, some folks will be lucky enough to give Arena a test run starting as early as today.
Today Is The Final Day To Pick Up Two Xbox Live Games With Gold
The Games With Gold for July are coming to an end. In fact, this is the very last day that you'll be able to get your hands on the free Games With Gold. What are some of the titles available for you to add to your library for free? Well, some new-school classics and some last-gen gems.
Why You Could Be At Risk For Losing Your Xbox Gamertag
Way back when you first got your gamertag, you might've been excited to score such a perfect username for the Xbox. It fit you completely. But now you've been in college and homework has been piling high and you've been unable to play your Xbox in a while. Well, now time away from your Xbox could mean losing your gamertag.
The Free Xbox Live Games With Gold For July Takes You Back To Las Vegas
The four free Games With Gold were revealed today, featuring a blockbuster smattering of titles both new and old alike. It's hard to tell which system gets the better games, but both Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers will be pleased with the offerings, no doubt.
Xbox Live Multiplayer Will Be Free This Weekend On Xbox 360
For those of you who have taken the plunge with an Xbox 360 but have not yet forked over the extra funds to play online, you’re in luck. For the next three days, everyone on Xbox Live can enjoy a free multiplayer weekend.
Xbox's Games With Gold Announced For April
Microsoft has been on a roll lately when it comes to making decisions that make their loyal fanbase drool with anticipation and get excited about what new content is on the horizon. In this case, they've announced the April line-up for Games With Gold and it's definitely worthwhile.
Microsoft Responds To Players' Demand For Compensation For Xbox Live Problems
Microsoft has been receiving a lot of blow back from their community over Xbox Live being down periodically throughout 2016. Many of the paid Xbox Live subscribers are asking for some kind of compensation for the service being down as often as it has throughout the early goings of 2016.
Xbox Live Is Reportedly Down...Again, Here's What We Know
Those who are members of Xbox Live are no strangers to the repeated outages that plague the Xbox Live network. Whether it’s hackers or maintenance, outages are typical for anyone who chooses to play online with any console. The Xbox Live status page recently reported that the Purchase and Content Usage and Xbox Live Core Services are "limited."
Xbox Live Gold Members Get Something Special From EA Next Week
Electronic Arts is rewarding Xbox Live Gold subscribers with a bit of a treat next week... well, it's more like a big treat. Up to 15 games from the EA Access vault will be made available for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers for one week only.
Xbox Live Now Offers These Classic Games For Cheap
Xbox Live's Black Friday sale is finally over but it's been replaced with a new set of discounts. While the current sale isn't quite as big as the Black Friday sales-mageddon, there are some quality games available for cheap.
Xbox Live Black Friday Sales Are Here
If you're looking to buy a few new Xbox games for Black Friday, Microsoft has your back. They've slashed the prices on tons of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games for the next few days.
Xbox Live's Games With Gold For December 2015 Announced
It’s hard to believe but December is just around the corner and with the last month of 2016 comes a brand new collection of titles being added to the Games with Gold program for Xbox platforms. Get ready to celebrate the holidays with epic warriors, soldiers and thieves.
These Xbox One And Xbox 360 Games Are Free In October
Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will have a very nice selection of games added to their libraries for the month of October. Microsoft is giving away four free games to eligible Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and the offerings include highly rated games across the board.

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