Weekly Recap Aug. 15th: DreamKiller Trailer, Dragon Age Delayed, Halo Movie

By William Usher 7 years ago discussion comments
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From August 9th to August 15th the week was over-flowing with hearty new game trailers, news and announcements. Turns out Dragon Age: Origins is suffering from the Section 8 complex insofar that PS3 gamers will be left in the gutter. News about the Halo movie have surfaced, or more-so why the movie itself wonít be surfacing. A new debut trailer was recently made available for the innovative new Aspyr shooter, DreamKiller and id Softwareís Rage, and Nintendo announced that they are going to win back hardcore gamers with an inflatable horse. Way to go Nintendo, you really know how to hit all the right notes for keeping the fans pleased. These stories and more in the Blend Games Weekly Recap for August 15th.


Ozzy Osbourne Will Perform At BlizzCon 2009. Thatís good news for the people who can still understand the guy.

Three Nintendo Titles Have Potential To Sell 10 Million Units. Itís obviously titles including Mario, Wii Sports or the word ďFitnessĒ.

Dragon Age Origins Delayed Again; PS3 Version Now Undated. Another slap in the face to PS3 gamers. Find out how long the delay will be by clicking on the link.

Spirits Of Metropolis Part Of Archive Games New Line-Up. They are all puzzle games so itís just a matter of various grades of puzzle games that are featured in the line-up.

Johnny Cash To Be Latest Dead Music Legend To Join The Guitar Hero Series. Thereís no artist this series wonít touch, look for more grave-robbing hits to make into the next Guitar Hero.

Review: King Of Fighters XII. Blend Gamesí Andy Keener pummels his point of view into this latest iteration and itís not good.


Mortal Kombat 9 Aims To revolutionize Online Play. What about revolutionizing the premise of a Mortal Kombat game actually being good for once?

Midway UK Brand Purchased For Only $0.82 Cents. As if Mortal Kombatís legacy isnít embarrassing enough, the UK and French brands were sold for less than a hotdog at a local vendor.

Email Scam Targets Battlefield Heroes. Find out how it works and what it does.

Free Madden NFL 10 Copy With Sports Illustrated Subscription. Some consumers are getting scammed and itís not the people who subscribe to Sports Illustrated.

Wii Vitality Sensor Coming In 2010. This is to go alongside the inflatable horse.

Nintendo Patents Inflatable Horseback Controller For Wii. Who in their right mind would buy this? Honestly?


First Dragon Age Origins DLC Details. The game isnít out yet but people are already psyched on whatís to come.

Halo Movie Shelved In Favor Of Games. Thatís not a bad idea considering that the movie would be a game-movie, anyway.

Neilson Games Study Reveals Nintendo Wii Usage Is Terribly Low. Itís no surprise that Gamecube and Xbox owners would prefer playing real games on a real console.

Sacred 2 Ice And Blood Add-On Not For North Americans, Mexicans Or Canadians. For whatever reason most regions that actually enjoy playing video games wonít be getting this add-on for Sacred 2.

John Carmack Thinks SonyWill Jump The Gun With PS4. Well, Microsoft did it with the Xbox 360, so it looks like itís time for Sony to screw themselves over too.

Prison Break Game Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 And PC. Itís going to be a suspenseful, plot-twisting action game. Tv-to-game stigma could be low but still possible.


TimeSplitters Developer Interested In Natal. Sounds like Crytek UK could implement a little monkey business into their Natal plans.

DriverAgent To Fix Outdated Drivers For Gamers. If gamers happen to lack the tech-savvy required to keep the drivers up to date or are too lazy, DriverAgent could be a saving grace.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising System Requirements. Is your computer up to snuff for this massive new military game? Click the link to find out.

Indie Game Edmund Imitates Rapelay; To Ban Or Not To Ban? Touchy subject matter for an insensitive but poignant game.

Contra ReBirth Coming To North America. WiiWare gamers rejoice! A real game is coming and maybe now gamers donít have to worry about sifting through all those workout titles on the Wii.

GRIN Closes Its Doors. Another development company hitting the bricks, and possibly for the best.

Section 8 X Servers Allow For Up To 32 Players On Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is finally catching up to multiplayer PC gaming from 2001. Is that awesome or what?!

GRIN Veterans Form Outbreak Studios. After getting booted and closing the doors to GRIN, the vets of the studio then reformed under a different name. Thatís business for you.


Mini Ninjas Release Date Revealed. Itís just a matter of time before gamers will slice and dice with miniature ninjas.

Crysis Wars Free For Another Week. If this doesnít get people to clicking, then someone doesnít deserve to be called a gamer, really.

F.E.A.R. 2 Slow-Mo Deathmatch Coming In September. This is an awesome trailer accompanying news that multiplayer will now support slow-motion.

World Of Darkness MMO Confirmed By CCP Games. Itís like Vampire: Masquerade except now with thousands of other players. Nice.

Street Gears G Project Update Now Available. Itís like Jet Set Radio and it now features new military racing tracks. Now if only it had graffiti it would be the best MMO of all time.

Army Of Two The 40th Day Release Dates; Multiplayer; Pre-order Bonus Revealed. Sounds like too much information too soon. Thatís actually a good thing.

2K Marin Hard At Work On Post Bioshock 2 Title. Because Bioshock 2 obviously isnít time-consuming enough for the devs.


Lost Planet 2 Co-Op Demo Coming To Xbox Live Next Week. The later you read this the closer the demo is to becoming available.

Dungeon Fighter Trailer Shows Off Side-Scrolling MMO Action. Itís unique but not quite as good looking as Wind Slayer.

June 2009 NPD Sales Report: Predictable Results For DS And Wii. What, were you expecting the PS3 to beat out the PS2?

Karos Online Closed-Beta Applications Being Accepted. Want to play the new MMO by Nexon? Get in line now because the beta gets underway on August 21st.

Three-To-One Gamers Prefer M.A.G Over Halo 3: ODST. Interesting poll results that may reflect the waning grip-lock Halo had over the industry.


DreamKiller Trailer Debuts With Intriguing Concepts. Itís not like shooting toast and jelly at monsters but it certainly isnít Duke Nukem 3D either.

DiRT 2 Rally Vs Reality Trailer. Codemasters was bold enough to put polygons against fiber glass and the difference is tough to spot at times.

Diablo II Vs. DarkEden: Classic Round. A little weekend treat that sees Diablo II resurfacing to face off against the vampire-hunting MMO, DarkEden.

That wraps up this weekís news here at Blend Games. We round out this week with a new gameplay trailer for id Softwareís highly anticipated, . The game doesnít look half bad and appears to mimic Gearboxís Borderlands.. Enjoy.

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