Weekly Recap March 26th: River City Ransom 2 Announced, Duke Nukem Forever Delayed…Again

By William Usher 2011-03-26 13:31:07 discussion comments
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Fans of the old-school NES beat-e’m-up RPG, River City Ransom will be excited to know that a sequel is on the way for newer gen consoles. The one thing that many first-person shooter fans feared would happen has happened…the curse of delays has struck Gearbox and the company has had to push back the release of Duke Nukem Forever. Find out just how much of a delay the game received and how soon you’ll be able to get your hands on the Duke’s new game. These stories and plenty more in this March 26th, 2011 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


River City Ransom 2 Coming To PC and Consoles. Bringing all the loveable evil-teachers and sidewalk brawls to the new generation of gaming.

Ubisoft Launches Official Nintendo 3DS Website. Oh, what could it possibly have on it? Maybe some 3D images and trailers?

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Co-op Review. How well does the game work when you’re teaming with a buddy? Click the link to find out.

Preview: The Next Big Thing. How big is it and is it really the next big adventure game? Click the link to find out.


MetaCritic Adds iOS Games To Database; Reluctant Of Android Games. A little bit of nepotism or some sound reasoning for ostracizing one over the other? Click the link to find out.

Battlefield Heroes: Punks to the Rescue Adds Characters And Weapons. Some beefed up punks bring in new gameplay mechanics.

SkullGirls Screenshots Showcases Skull Crushing Gameplay. And a lot of upskirt panty shots.

Nintendo Downloads: Natsume Championship Wrestling. One of my favorite SNES titles gets a re-release on the Nintendo download channel.

Red Faction Battlegrounds Release Date, Price Announced. A mini-version of the bigger game is on the way and it’s sooner than you think.

Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Dated for PS3, PC. If you’re reading this then it’s already available.

Madden NFL 12 Cover Athlete Voting Begins. Pick your favorite before it’s too late.


A minor setback for the sequel. Find out why by clicking on the link.

WWE All Stars Demo Arrives For PS3 and Xbox 360. Wrestle as some of your favorite past and present Superstars.

Final Fantasy XIV, XI Coming Back Online This Week. After the tsunami-earthquake combination the servers came offline for a bit but now they’re back.

Easy Interactive Expands Into North America With Four New DS Titles. All casual puzzle titles, but casual gamers will enjoy them nonetheless.

IndieCade International Game Contest Open For 2011 Festival Submissions. If you have a great game idea, be sure to have it completed by June 15th.

Unity Adds Mixamo Streamlined Animation Suite To Library. Easier animation enabling means faster game development.

Nintendo Installing 6,000 3DS Kiosks Into U.S. Stores. Give your eyes a test-run of autostereoscopic 3D to see if it suits your visual taste in gaming.

EA Sports Ditching Paper Manuals. Why? Because it’s just cheaper to have in-game manuals instead.


XSeed Games Bringing Wizardry Labyrinth of Lost Souls To North American PS3s. Classic, old-school picture-monster fighting coming this spring.

Dynasty Warriors Online Heavenly Strike Update Goes Live. New mounts, new comrades, new tournaments and new instances. There’s a lot to be happy for regarding this game.

Stronghold 3 Delayed To Late Summer. A very minor setback, but all in the name of quality.

PC Deus Ex Human Revolution Developed By Nixxes Software.

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Arrives August. The release date draws ever so near.

Sanctum Developers Sign Five Year Unreal Engine 3 Deal With Epic. More games coming out of Coffee Stain Studios then? Perhaps.

Bonk: Brink of Extinction and Other Hudson Titles Cancelled. Unfortunate news for fans of the series.

Heavy Rain Studio Staying PS3 Exclusive. Well if you’re a PS3 owner it’s definitely good news.

ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif Delayed Indefinitely. Yet another that falls victim to…the economy?

Steam Voice Chat Gets SILK. Valve improves the voice chat compatibility in Steam. Hooray.


World of Warcraft Guild Transfer And Renaming Services Announced. Need to move your guild over? Well, there are now services supporting this feature.

Splinter Cell HD Trilogy Release Date Moved To June. The first three games getting HD’ified this summer.

Duke Nukem Forever Delayed A Month. Uh oh…and the curse follows Gearbox…

Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters Release Date Announced. Official name and an official date to go along with the name.

Resident Evil 4 HD And Code Veronica X HD Coming To PS3, Xbox 360 This Fall. Classics get an HD remix this fall.

Team Fortress 2 Receives Japanese Charity Items. You can outfit your character with some snazzy Eastern-culture swag with the proceeds going to the quake victims.

World of Tanks Pre-Order Packages Unveiled. Maybe you need some extra plating on your tank or a few extra explosive shells? Check out the details of the pre-order bonuses after the jump.

F1 2011 Release Date Platforms Announced. The new season of Formula One racing is coming to an HD console near you.


Game of Thrones Genesis Screenshots Art released. Get a glimpse at the new story-oriented RTS.

HomeFront Sells One Millions Copies. THQ hits a homerun with Homefront.

EVGA Classified GeForce GTX 590 Limited Edition Announced. This is a gamer’s gamer kind of video card. Gird thy loins and fasten your jockstrap when you install this bad boy.

Weinsteins Open TWC Games for Licensed Based Game Titles. Ever felt like playing Scream: The Game? I didn’t think so.


Battle LA Review. The Xbox Live Arcade shooter gets the review treatment. Find out if it’s anything as remotely entertaining as the movie counterpart.

First Details on Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Unveiled. A cooperative zombie shooter? Bring it on.

SOCOM 4 Preview: Into the Co-op Jungle. Co-Optimus previews the cooperative features of SOCOM 4.

A New Beginning Release Date Announced. Adventure gaming fans will be pleased to know when they can look forward to picking up Lace Mamba’s latest point-and-click adventure game.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out a quick new trailer for the upcoming hack-and-slash action game, The First Templar below. Enjoy.

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