PC Players May Have To Wait Longer For Destiny 2
Why Overwatch's Comic Got Cancelled

There was supposed to be an Overwatch graphic novel tie-in for the game to release a while ago, but it was shelved... no, it was cancelled. It was cancelled hard. Well, now that the dust has settled game director Jeff Kaplan has finally explained why the Overwatch comic got cancelled.

Tekken 7 Trailer Sets Up The Game's Story

Bandai Namco's Tekken 7 is nearing release, prepping to launch both digitally and physically at retailers across North America for PS4, Xbox One and PC starting June 2nd. Ahead of the game's release they rolled out a new promotional trailer that sets up the game's story.

Pokemon Go Acknowledges A Common Fan Issue

When there are tens of millions of people playing your game, it seems kind of hard to filter through the noise and address some of the more pressing issues that fans may have with your title. Well, in the case of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs showed some real class by at least acknowledging an issue some fans have had with the portable title.

New Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer Reveals More About The Game's Protagonist

A new developer diary was released for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the upcoming release from DICE and Electronic Arts, which also has plenty of help from LucasFilms, Motive, and Criterion Games. The diary delves into how all of the studios came together to work on the story mode starring the new protagonist, Iden Versio.

Nintendo Just Had To Edit A Character's Hand Gesture In Mario Kart

Apparently, seemingly innocuous gestures in Mario Kart 8: Deluxe aren't so innocuous after all. It turns out that one of the characters had to have their hand gesture modified in Mario Kart 8 after some individuals pointed out that the winning pose could be seen as offensive.

Danger Zone Trailer Is Explosive Fun

A new trailer for the family-oriented game Danger Zone has gone live. The trailer is only 47 seconds long, but it's designed to be explosive fun and get gamers prepped for its release on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Phantom Dust's New Trailer Will Get You Nostalgic

After Phil Spencer teased all sorts of nostalgic feelings with his reveal of Phantom Dust for the Xbox One not too long ago, everyone was curious what the game plays like on newer systems, and how it will look. Well, there's a new trailer that will surely get you feeling nostalgic all over again.

Nintendo Releases New Info About Arms On The Switch

Nintendo is gearing up for the release of their next big Nintendo Switch exclusive called ARMS. They rolled out a Nintendo Direct and a press release to highlight some of the core features for the quirky new fighting game due for release this June.

Is Wild West Online Coming To Steam Early Access? Here's What We Know

Wild West Online was only announced a couple of days ago and already there's news that the game will no longer be appearing on Kickstarter. That's because it stirred up so much buzz that the developers have secured enough funding to forego that process completely.

Hacktag Reveals Open Beta

For folks who have been waiting on the cooperative infiltration game, Hacktag, to hit early access on Steam, we've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that early access plans have been pushed back to allow for more testing. The good news is that said testing is taking the form of an open beta, available now.

Nintendo Switch Sales Just Broke A Record

The Nintendo Switch is continuing to make waves in the industry by becoming a trendsetting device in the world of interactive entertainment. Ahead of the official NPD Group sales figures for the month of April, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch has already managed to break a record.

New Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Trailer Shows Off Tons Of New Worlds

Warner Bros., and Monolith Productions unleashed a new trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, featuring a look at some of the new locations and places that you'll be able to visit throughout your journeys.

South Park's New Game Has A Release Date

South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been missing from the media circles for quite some time after being delayed, but Ubisoft finally hammered down an official release date for the RPG based on the animated television series on cable TV.

How Far Along Destiny 2 Is, According To The Developers

With the September release date fast approaching for Destiny 2, many gamers are absolutely geeked about the potential and possibilities of the sci-fi shooter sequel, so much so that they're wondering how far along the game is in its actual development. Well, it's a lot further along than you think.

What's Being Added In For Honor's Season 2

The second season of For Honor is now underway for most gamers. This includes a lot of new content that Ubisoft has added to the hack-and-slash fantasy combat game.

Samsung's VR Legal Battle Has Hit Another Snag

Samsung's Gear VR has actually been one of the more popular VR headsets on the market. The low price entry and easy adaptability to smart devices made it a top pick among consumers for VR content. However, all of that success could come to a screeching halt if the legal snag they've run into turns into something bigger.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Details Their Next Expansion

The second expansion for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is nearly upon us, and it's set to inject the game with a whole bunch of new missions packed with elite enemies, as well as some new weaponry for players to use against them.

How Sega Is Getting In On The Nostalgia Fad

There has been a lot of talk about Sega recently, all due to some fine details gleaned from their latest financial report. The company is looking ahead but doing so by taking a few steps back. They have plans on diving into the nostalgia fad in order to rekindle some of the luster they've lost over the years.

What A Typical Xbox One Gamer Looks Like, According To Microsoft

What does an average Xbox One gamer look like? Microsoft recently did a study to determine exactly that, and the answers may surprise you.

The Reason Minecraft Is Stuck At 720p On Nintendo Switch

Minecraft is now available on the Nintendo Switch, completing the cycle to make it available on literally every gaming device known to man. However, some differences have been noted between this latest version and the one available on other platforms, including the fact that it only runs at 720p.

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