Video: Katey and Mike spoil X-Men: First Class

2011-06-03 11:44:19
As we did for The Hangover Part II, Vanity Fair contributor Mike Ryan and I saw a movie together and decided to talk about it on camera. Today we're talking X-Men: First Class, a movie we had just seen at the time we recorded the video and liked a whole lot. Just like the Hangover conversation, though, this one is VERY SPOILERY-- and there are some great moments in X-Men: First Class that you really ought to see before we reveal them for you. If you've seen the movie already, though, please check out our conversation below-- and note that it was cut off a little prematurely at the end because the bar decided to dim the lights to the point that you can't see us. Too bad neither of us had a mutant power to fix it.

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