Dave Grohl And Beyonce Flip Off WGA

By Mack Rawden 2008-01-18 12:54:54
There’s been a lot of speculation over the last few months on whether or not musicians would boycott the Grammys in a statement of solidarity for the WGA and their thousands of striking members. Well, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and over-hyped ho bag Beyonce have answered the speculation, and their responses amounted to nothing more than a giant middle finger toward the Writer’s Guild of America clouded in pleasant euphemisms.

According to Variety, Beyonce’s daddy/manager Mathew Knowles confirmed his daughter will be attending the event and further assured fans, “We have an incredible Beyonce performance that will be announced soon.” Great. I’m sure the former Destiny’s Child member lip synching and shaking her ass will help pay the bills. Bootyliciousness is considered currency in some parts of the country.

In all honesty, I’m not surprised Beyonce intends to still whore herself out to the highest bidder, but Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighting bandmates always seemed like good guys. Their manager issued a faux-sympathetic statement, uttering, We're looking forward to attending this year's Grammy Awards as we do every year. We are hopeful that we will see a resolution to the current situation affecting our entire industry, as Foo Fighters have always had nothing short of amazing experiences with the writers, producers, fellow artists and audiences at the Grammys and every television show the band has ever played.”

Writers, producers, fellow artists and audiences? Are there anymore groups you’d like to include in an attempt to be P.C.? Foo Fighters have always had nothing short of amazing experiences with the writers, producers, fellow artists, audiences, directors, their wives, cattle rustlers, professional wrestlers, hookers, guidance counselors and every other group of people imaginable. Give me a break.
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