Korn's Davis To Tour Without Cob

By J.D. McNamara 2007-10-23 19:23:49
There must be something liberating about going solo, because lately, everybody and their mother seems to be doing it. The name Eddie Vedder is extremely synonymous with Pearl Jam, so heís the last person I ever expected to catch the solo-bug. Yet he did, and itís turned out extremely well for him. And while the latest news that Korn front man Jonathan Davis will be embarking on a two month solo tour isnít necessarily surprising, I donít think I can muster the same sort of optimism I had for Vedderís disc.

But donít listen to me (as Iím sure Korn fans wonít), listen to the enthusiastic words of the man himself. "I have wanted to do this forever. Ever since I did the Queen of the Damned and more recently the MTV Unplugged I have wanted to be able to play those songs live," Davis said in a statement. "It's going to be acoustic, but still heavy and very intimate."

Thatís all well and good, Jonathan, but have you heard your voice lately? Itís not even in the same league as Eddie Vedderís. I like Korn and Iíd certainly call myself a fan of most of their work, but I just donít see how this idea is any good. Letís be serious, most of Kornís success stems from the chaotic noise they make, not from their lead singerís voice. In addition, Davisí work on Queen of the Damned seemed pretty uninspired, and while I wouldnít call the unplugged session bad, I canít say I enjoyed it very much (with the exception of ďGot the LifeĒ, which was amazing) Ė most of it just sounded wrong. The word ďKornĒ doesnít belong in the same sentence as ďacousticĒ or ďunpluggedĒ.

Nevertheless, Davis will start the trek in Hartford on Nov. 9 and wrap up Dec. 11 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. I seriously wish him and all of you ticket buyers the best of luck.
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