Lifehouse Goes Commercial

By J.D. McNamara 2007-10-28 14:23:16
If thereís one thing I hate, itís a band selling out and allowing their beloved songs to be featured in a commercial. So what do I think about Lifehouseís recent decision to make a song specifically for an Allstate Insurance commercial? While I canít exactly call it selling out, I think itís a good indication of how stagnant they must be. Itís like Martin Scorsese directing a Bud Light commercial because heís got nothing better to do Ė itís just strange.

The new tune, "From Where You Are," will be featured as part of Allstate's Teen Safe Driving campaign. According to Billboard, the commercial will depict teens in a variety of different situations until the end, when the voice of actor Dennis Haysbert delivers the sobering message that "every year, nearly 6,000 teenagers go out for a drive ... and never come back."

"When you think commercial, you think Hallmark commercial, something cheesy," Wade tells Billboard. "But this was something I thought was a really good statement and I wanted to be part of. I knew I would be able to write something for it."

Iím all for supporting the heavy-handed cause, but in the end, itís still an insurance company commercial. Iíd much rather see Lifehouse put out a heavy handed album full of life and emotion than do a commercial thatíll undoubtedly wither away behind Allstateís banner and the deeply presidential voice of Haysbert.
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