New Alice In Chains Album Due in 2009

By Peter Kimmich 2008-09-10 22:39:20
Alice in Chains. That’s a name I haven’t heard much of since the days when my hair was long and I was in my dorm room trying to figure out “I Stay Away” on a nylon guitar. That was when my entry to my dorm’s “heaviest song” contest was “Grind.” It did OK until someone threw Korn in there, those bastards.

The last real piece of news we’ve seen from Alice in Chains, other than Layne Staley’s not-completely-unexpected death back in 2002, was their 2005 reunion and subsequent touring with new front man William DuVall. But still, all of their longtime fans, of which there are still about as many as there are skateboard scuffs in Seattle, have had nothing to chew on newer than the box set (with the spooky “Get Born Again”) and Jerry Cantrell’s solo material.

But that's about to change. NME reported Tuesday that AiC is headed back into the studio to record their fourth album, 13 years after their last release in 1995. Having done some rehearsing in North Hollywood back in late July, they will be in the studio in October recording the new album, to be released in 2009.

Fingernails are no doubt being gnawed asunder in anticipation. How will it sound? Will Cantrell’s guitarissimo be sledge-heavy like their last release, or mellowed out like the one before it? Will they pull a Smashing Pumpkins and try too hard on the comeback, creating a big pile of over-muscled audio dung? Or will their groove stay sweet and smooth? Will DuVall, under the pressure of fans’ expectations, falter in the studio? Or will he take charge and own it? All good questions to ponder over your next hookah and nacho session. All we know for certain is it definitely ain’t over now.
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