Rhino Rapes The United States, Gives Britain More Joy Division

By Mack Rawden 2008-03-20 12:27:53
Have you ever been inside a used record store and watched a balding thirty-five year old frantically search for original Smithsí imports. I have. Heíll always mutter something under his breath like foreigners always get the best packages. Naturally, I always wrote off this pathetic excuse for a human, but he just might be onto something with his wild conspiracy theory.

According to Pitchfork, Rhino Records will release a greatest hits package for Joy Division. The problem, you ask? The British will get a two CD set featuring rarities. The Americans? Not so much. Apparently, Uncle Sam doesnít give a shit about anything but the singles. Itís hard to argue with Rhinoís logic (Point of order: Americans donít give a shit about b-sides), but itís still annoying for the odd music fan (see: some of our readers) who would enjoy looking deeper.

The special edition UK only version will sulk into stores on March 24th. Its Yankee brother will follow on April 29th. For the record, this totally evens the score for that whole Boston Tea Party thing.
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