Shins Keyboardist Beats Girlfriend

By Mack Rawden 2008-01-06 20:15:25
Shins keyboardist Martin Crandall has been arrested after unleashing some new slang on his girlfriend, former Americaís Next Top Model contestant Elyse Sewell. The violent domestic assault took place in a Sacramento hotel room and was described by the battered victim as Ēa blitzkrieg of violence.Ē Nice description, Elyse. Iím sure your shitty boyfriendís sissy slaps were remarkably similar to Hitlerís Lightning War.

According to NME, Sewell was also arrested for reportedly biting the rabid fancy piano player. Itís unlikely she will be charged, but Crandall is still jailed on twenty-five thousand dollars bail. Heíll officially appear before a local judge on January 8th.

We here at Cinema Blend Music donít condone violence against women or tours being pushed back on account of ignorant eighteenth century behavior. Iím sure that asshole really feels like a badass now, as heís being abused by prisoners who donít carry around manbags with thought-provoking buttons. Prick.

The Shinsí album Wincing The Night Away is currently nominated for a Grammy. Iím sure this Ike Turner display really helped sway undecided voters.
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