Aerosmith has a history of drama, drugs and reinvention, but aside from their rough relationship with Spandex, there's nothing they can't seem to recover from.

In another example of their ability to overcome tough times, Steve Tyler announced this week that he has battled Hepatitis C for years. However, thanks to an intense treatment this year he has flushed the virus from his system, E! Online reports. Tyler likely contracted the virus from his years of drug use; Hep C is easily spread by sharing needles, though he was only diagnosed three years ago because he had never showed symptoms.

His course of treatment included taking doses of the anti-viral drug Interferon for 11 months, but now claims that the virus "is nonexistent in my bloodstream, it's like a complete cure." Most commonly, Hepatitis C can lead to severe liver damage and liver cancer if left untreated.

Tyler is not alone, as many public figures have battled the virus. Most recently, Pamela Anderson has publicly discussed that sharing tattoo needles with former husband Tommy Lee led to her infection, but other figures like Naomi Judd, David Crosby and Evel Knievel have also discussed the disease openly.

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