Its been ten years since the beloved rapper Tupac Shakur was killed by a drive-by shooter in Las Vegas, stripping rap music of one of its most influential voices. Even after all this time, the imprint Tupac made on the world is far from forgotten.

Today, Yahoo provided us with an interesting profile on Shakur and his role in shaping rap and hip hop music. Marcyliena Morgan, Stanford University associate professor and director of the school’s hip hop archive, describes Shakur’s legacy saying, "He had a view that I think extended to what we would think of various kinds of sociological arguments, humanistic arguments, arguments around morality." For instance, his song “Keep Ya Head Up” was an ode to the struggle women and single mothers in the black community face, in keeping their families together even without the support of deadbeat men.

Perhaps nobody can say it better than Danyel Smith, editor and Chief of Vibe magazine, who knew Tupac personally. "I think whenever you want to ask yourself who Tupac is, as much as I'm a journalist and I live by headlines, don't go to the headlines to find out who Tupac was, go to the music. You will not be disappointed."

This was a man who influenced the likes of Eminem and 50 Cent. Without Tupac Shakur, rap and hip hop fans would not be hearing the same music or artist's voices they hear today. I consider it fitting to elevate him to the top of the iconic class with Elvis Presley and John Lennon; people who had things to say, said them, revolutionized the direction of music, and still found the time to die far too young.

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