Weird Al Sticks It To The Man

By Brendan Butler 2006-08-22 00:00:00
Weird Al Yankovic, the curly haired, parody-creating icon of pop music is back and this time, heís sticking up for the little guy (hey, thatís us). According to a Sony press release, Alís new single "Donít Download This Song" is being offered as a free MP3 in hopes of getting as many hits as possible.

The new single is a jab at artists and law makers who worry that music downloading is diminishing their cash flow. Al mockingly sings from the perspective of someone who is against dowloading, as one line goes, " It doesnít matter if youíre a grandma or a seven year-old girl, theyíll treat you like the evil, hard bitten criminal scum you are."

The new single, like a lot of other Weird Al songs, contains a number of pop culture references (like "even Lars Ulrich knows itís wrong, you can just ask him" and "or you might wind up in jail like Tommy Chong"), as well as random quips about what might become of somebody if they violate national copyright laws.

One cannot help but listen to "Donít Download This Song" and detect a hint of true irritation from the goofy Yankovic. Could this be his way of taking a stand against the financial establishment? You decide.

Weird Alís new CD Straight Outta Lynwood is due out Sept 26 from Sony. You can download "Donít Download This Song" right here.
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