Glastonbury Festival On The Frits

By Rema Rahman 2008-06-12 11:31:19
The 2008 festival circuit came about fairly disappointing, with not even Lollapalooza or Coachella bypassing the brunt of mediocre lineup complaints. For a major UK festival that has seen the likes of Arcade Fire, David Bowie and Oasis, it seems Jay-Z, Kings of Leon and even Massive Attack just donít add up. Itís no wonder then that promoters are practically giving away tickets to this monthís Glastonbury Festival via HMV in hopes to sell-out the June 27-29 outdoor music marathon.

Starting yesterday, tickets went on sale at select HMV stores around the UK. ďWith just a couple of weeks to go, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy the last few festival tickets,Ē famed promoter Michael Eavis said, according to The Guardian. What that really means: weíre having such a tough time getting tickets moving that weíre just short of dropping them off on your front door step. "We've got a fantastic lineup, the most beautiful site in the country, and I'd love to see you all there." Translation: Iím getting hounded from upper management left and right and if we donít sell some more tickets soon shit will hit the fan. Kings of Leon are worth that $12 bottle of water, arenít they?

Perhaps Eavis should answer the cries of Duran Duran. According to Music-News bassist Josh Taylor said, ďNobody asked us to do any until V in Australia and it was a different vibe,Ē meaning that it was our last hope to desperately hang on to the last string of fame we have left. ĒIíd love to do Glastonbury one day. But weíll probably be in our 60s when [Eavis] gets around to inviting us.Ē Um, you guys arenít in your 60s now?
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