QOTSA Are Pervs For Valentine’s Day

By Peter Kimmich 2008-02-15 02:59:38
“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” is a common question for today, asked by friends, parents, cashiers, the lonely looking guy behind the counter at the video store, the bus driver. When Josh Homme is asked it, he probably grins like a hyena.

The Queens Of The Stone Age front man has a scheme up his sleeve, and he thinks himself a genius. I’m inviting all of my fans to let me watch them make out, he would answer without an ounce of creepy vibe. And according to NME Thursday, that’s exactly what he did.

Queens Of The Stone Age is asking all of their camera-brave fans to post YouTube videos of themselves doing the tongue-dive into tonsil cove with their partner of choice to the band’s song, “Make It Witchu.” The band’s reasoning? Unabashed perviness. Are you surprised?

“Valentines Day is coming up, and we wanted to do something cool with ‘Make It Witchu,’” Homme told NME. “So what better thing to do [than] to put that holiday that was created by Hallmark greeting cards and a song about screwing together?”

The makeout contest is paired up with a dirty e-card service hosted from the band’s contest Web site, which is built around “Make It Witchu.” The user sends an e-card that plays the song’s video, accompanied by whatever dirty message he can come up with. “If you’re gonna send something, you could send a card that someone else wrote … or you could send this!” Homme said.

As for the video contest, Homme admitted it’s definitely about the perving.

“It’s just a cool way to see people making out,” he said. “We wanna be part of your love life, either directly or indirectly. I’ll do anything to get between you and your significant other, for just a moment.”

The winner of this contest, the band says, will win a prize. Will it be the opportunity for a private make-out session with the band? That has yet to be revealed. Probably.

Though everything is legitimate according to NME, I have my own doubts as to the validity of some of this. Nonetheless, there is a YouTube group dedicated to the cause, and not at all surprisingly, the submissions are on the slim side. Could it be because this “contest” has the aroma of a half-boiled scheme to get a hold of free porn? Homme, it’s a funny idea, but seriously, just walk into a video store.
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