The Hearing Aid: Oasis Dig Out Your Soul

By Rema Rahman 2008-09-18 02:25:31
Oasis Dig Out Your Soul

Due: October 7, 2008
Label: Big Brother Recordings
On The Road: Thanks to one drunken Canadian, a UK and New York appearance have been cancelled.


Held together by a lifetime worth of sibling rivalry and arrogant shmuckery stand the brothers Gallagher. Quite possibly the best thing to happen to England since The Beatles (who they often grossly over-channel), Oasis has never been shy about flaunting the respect and success theyíve always expected. The mid-90s rock group whined, cried and bitched their way atop the UK charts with their 1994 debut album, leading to a major US crossover when sophomore hit (What's the Story) Morning Glory? climbed to number one the following year.

Liam's self-proclaimed "untouchable" voice, followed by Noelís lead guitar and unbeatable songwriting is Oasisí founding fatherhood. However the band has seen several guitarists, keyboardists, and drummers go through its revolving door. Perhaps if the core of a band relies on a lead singer who refuses to do major shows such as MTVís Unplugged at the height of itís popularity and instead watches his brother belt through the set Ė while he sat in a box drinking, smoking, and openly making fun of you all Ė youíre patience could wear thin.

Pitch Patrol:

The bandís seventh studio album, which Liam openly compared to Beatlesí Revolver and the Rolling Stonesí Beggars Banquet before the album was even completed, is the bands first since 2005ís Donít Believe the Truth.

Though Liam immediately debunked rumors of giving away the album for free (a la Radiohead and Coldplay, whose fans he thinks ďare boring and ugly and they don't look like they're having a good time"), Oasis will be giving away copies of sheet music for three as-of-yet heard tracks with the purchase of this weeks NME magazine.

Already receiving semi-steady radio play, first single, ďThe Shock of the Lightening,Ē sees the band returning to their freshman and sophomore album musical styles, and will be available for purchase September 29. With the lineup reshuffled yet again, this album sees Gem Archer and Andy Bell sharing bass, guitar and keyboard responsibilities, and Chris Sharrock on drums. With Liam recently admitting the sole purpose of his relationship to Noel is to ďmake music together," itís a wonder whether the brothers can withstand an albums worth of promoting and touring.

Definitely? Maybe.


Bag It Up
The Turning
Waiting For The Rapture
The Shock Of The Lightning
I'm Outta Time
(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
Falling Down
To Be Where There's Life
Ain't Got Nothin'
The Nature of Reality
Soldier On

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