Star Wars The Musical Is Terribly, Terribly Real

By Katey Rich 2008-12-22 22:20:26discussion comments
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Star Wars The Musical Is Terribly, Terribly Real image
Star Wars purists, you might want to plug your ears, step away from the computer, and hibernate for the next little while. The marketing train that gave us The Clone Wars has actually expanded beyond the screen. The theater needs to brace itself; Star Wars is on its way.

E! Online is reporting that Star Wars: A Musical Journey will be entertaining/terrorizing London theatergoers starting next year, featuring "a Stormtrooper kick line and singing Wookiees [with] John Williams' Oscar-winning score."

I'm not even a particular Star Wars fan, and even I know this is a terrible idea. Who would pay money to see this? Actually, scratch that-- The Clone Wars made $35 million, so clearly there are still some suckers out there.
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