WonderCon 2013 Costumes Day 2 & 3: Deadpool Celebrates Easter

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-31 20:17:12discussion comments
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 WonderCon 2013 Costumes Day 2 & 3: Deadpool Celebrates Easter image
Itís been a long, packed weekend of fun, costumes and film at WonderCon, but today it has finally all come to a close. We traveled to a robot vs. monster feature with Guillermo del Toroís Pacific Rim; played hide and seek with James Wanís The Conjuring; spilled a lot of blood with Fede Alvarezís Evil Dead; battled some demons with The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones; had a few beers and watched the world end with Seth Rogenís This is The End; and lastly took an English lit course with Joss Whedonís Much Ado About Nothing. But letís finish off with a bang and celebrate with some of the best costumes of the convention, shall we?

To follow up our gallery from Friday, I spent the last two days going around the Anaheim Convention Center taking more pictures of the best cosplay I could find. From Deadpool celebrating Easter and Female Captain Mal to Ewok Ted and a couple of members of Steve Zissouís crew, thereís plenty to see in our collection below, so be sure to browse slowly!

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