The 10 Best Action Movie Scenes Of 2012

By Sean O'Connell 2012-12-27 13:47:15discussion comments
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7. Life of Pi | The Shipwreck Scene
Ang Lee’s Life of Pi might be the only 3D movie this year that absolutely needed to be seen in that format. To see it in 2D was to only experience half of the filmmaker’s intent. Several eye-popping maneuvers were built into Lee’s adaptation of Pi, but few were as mesmerizing as the storm-drenched shipwreck sequence that ultimately separates Pi (Suraj Sharma) from his family and strands him on a lifeboat with a hungry tiger. Lee’s camerawork during the sequence is imaginative and bold, sweeping over, above and through the decks of a massive ocean liner as it succumbs to the aggressive waves. The money shot has to be Sharma’s last look at the boat as it sinks below the water’s surface, but really, the whole sequence is unforgettable.
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