10 Crucial Things We Learned About X-Men From The Empire Covers

By Sean O'Connell 2014-01-28 09:42:22discussion comments
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Rogue is back. Wait, what?
Color me surprised when Anna Paquin got an Empire cover. We recently reported that the characer had to be cut from Singerís grand plan. Did Empire just have a cover it needed to run? Or is Singer back-pedaling on his edit?

HitFix, in their analysis, said that Rogue "had a huge pivotal role in the script we read," and advocates that Singer should find some way to bring Paquin back into the fold. Iíve always enjoyed the way that the actress has played the difficult role, tapping into Rogueís isolation as a result of her unique physical power. The love triangle between Pyro and Iceman was unnecessary, but Rogue has so much more to bring to this franchise, if she ever gets the opportunity.
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